​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Making the steering shaft set up between the rack & column , it works real smooth.

​The front fenders are bondo sculptures and 2 different shapes.

​The radiator, trans cooler  were installed in the grill shell then it was reinstalled

​All the rest of the front suspension parts are painted with the ceramic paint for durability.

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​Danny Pascoe.

​Front frame section painted with ceramic paint.

​Up dating to a modern Mustang II type front suspension with a power rack. It will be much easer to drive for the woman owner. 

​Power steering rack in for fitment.

​Rest of the sheet metal out of the way.

​Putting power steering in created more issues the fan has to move forward 2 inches to clear the pump &  pulley that also means the radiator had to move into the radiator shell which was not a easy task super tight plus move the over flow tank & still have fan & hood clearance not an easy task.

​The front suspension is out of a Mustang II & tired.

​1936 Chev Street rod repair both front fenders & replace the front suspension.

​I am putting all of the front suspension components back together.

​It also meant moving trans cooler mount, hoses, over flow tank hoses & wiring lots of hrs adjusting  & fitting to make it fit & still make it servisable for the future.

​I built a custom radiator mount then finished removing the old front cross member. Much cleaner looking now.

​Cutting off the dated original mustang II front suspension.