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​I am the typical car guy to many projects so now this cars is for sale as a in my shop builder. I have a Ford 8.8 aluminum independent rear center section to be mated to the Miata rear  control arms. A new full frame will be built out of 3x3 1/8 wall tubing. I was thinking about a Ford 302 crate motor as Sunbeam Tigers ran the small block Ford but if some wants it built with a GM LS motor no problem. Transmission wide open to the byers plans. It will need the wheel well arches custom flared some to clear the tires due to the Miata suspension is wider then the original Hillman stuff plus a whole lot more rubber to the ground . When done this car will handle like a go cart & be fast,  guessing it will weight a little over 2600 lbs original it weighed 2280 factory spec if interested give me a call.

​1959 Hillman Minx Convertible Restomod

Trying to keep a little of the retro look I went with ​15 inch Rota RB wheels  a knock of the optional Sunbeam Tiger wheel they fit the style of the car 8 inch front wheels with 195x50  tires & 9 1/2 in rear wheels with 225x50 Kumho aggressive tread & handling tires

​Ah yes it has rubber under it.

​Setting on the new table at ride height 4 1/2 inches front & 5 1/2 inches rear at the bottom of the rocker sills. Just a little bit of attitude.

​This was a unibody car so the front frame rails & tubs were cut out.

​Playing with the stance & tire ideas

​Ah the thunder some power plant, a whapping 48 chipmunks I mean hp when new & one of them died so maybe 36  now if real lucky.

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​Danny Pascoe

​Table change time.

​Sold off the motor, trans , front & rear suspension. It will have 92 Miata front & rear suspension with rack & pinion steering so it will handle.

​Flying Hillman extremely rare.

​I did say its quirky wright.

​Back a while ago I bought this quirky little 4 passenger convertible its got some fun lines & its a 4 person convertible, I like different cars not cookie cuter types  its rare to top it off. It was made by the Roots group in England same people that made the Sunbeam Tiger as in Ford American Powered V8. Humm this gets me thinking. So it will get a rebuild over time.