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The Baileigh Magnetic brake will do so much more then a regular brake due to not having fingers, arms or other pieces in the way above the piece you are working on. It runs on 220 single phase power. It comes with a 7 piece clamp set & the lift handles have stop gages so you can set for accurate repetative bending when needed. There is no limitations to what you can do, its all in the layout. Please feel free to call for current pricing, freight charges & any local sales tax  for a new delivered to your commercial shop with a fork lift or you may pick it up at the nearest FedEx freight dock. 


This is the Baileigh BB-4816M Magnetic Brake

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​Danny Pascoe

Simple to do its just in the layout now my rack is ready for the die holding pins. Look at my Bead roller page to see it finished & installed.

I needed a rack for my Baileigh BR-16E-36 Bead Roller

This is my personal shop & demo unit that I use on a regular basis.