​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Belt/disc sander & 16 inch band saw that cuts thru 3/8 plate like butter.

​Ramiro assembling our new CNC Plasma table neat new tool..

​The large work table has room around all four sides to work.

I believe in treating my customers fairly as I want your business now & in the future.

​My universal work station, shot forming bag & stump in the center a must have tools.

​I believe I have one of the best equipped shops in the Pacific North West & hope you would consider me on your next project.  Please cruse thru the current & past projects to see what I am working on & has been done in the past.

I ​custom built this air planishing & power hammer. I have 50 plus dies for it.

​My  metal shaping area every thing is geared up for better work flow a must when making those hand formed panels.

​Foot operated deep throat shrinker & stretcher by Baileigh MSS-16F.

​A large selection of hand tools of the trade, hammers, dolly's, slaps, spoons ,files & the list goes on,

​I specialize in quality sheet metal work using state of the art equipment

​I built this universal fixture unit that I can put fenders, doors hoods plus more on instead of just throwing them on a bench to keep panels concentric.

​My 18 ft 6 inch wide by 26 ft 4 inch deep paint booth . As you can see it is very well lit no shadows here. Yes we do high quality repaints also so please feel free to give me a call for your full repaint needs.

Quality Sheet Metal Repair & Fabrication

As much as I do not like sand, soda or media blasting of outer body panels it is a necessary tool in this business. To get a blast cabinet large enough to be able to do hoods, doors, trunk lids ect not the main skin nessasarly but large panels in general you need a large cabinet which takes up a lot of shop space & also costs a decent amount of $$$. My remedy I had a 8 x 10 storage shed just out side the door so why not convert it to a blast room, so I built a recovery table 6 foot long & 30 inches deep now I can do rust removal parts or touch up glass media blasting on just about any part I need to do. Its well lit & heated for the winter. Just another tool to do top quality work.

​With competive rates I will give you good value for your time & money.

​The Baileigh BB-4816M magnetic brake makes it so things can be done you cant do with a finger box and pan finger brake

​This site will be under constant additions & rework. I have a large amount of previous projects to add plus  new projects as they are being worked on. So check back often to see what is new or up graded. Hope fully you will want your project to join the builds done in my shop & please enjoy the builds. 

​EMAIL creativebillet@msn.com

​​PHONE 425 433 0294.

Shop hrs

​Monday thru Thursday

​8:30 AM to 5 :30 PM

​Most Sundays

​9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

​Closed For Lunch 12:30 to 1:30 all days.

I  up graded my shear to a new Baileigh

SH-5216A air shear faster & more accurate shearing it is one sweet piece of equipment.

​My large chassis & build table has 3/8 thick plate drop in sections & a measuring system making it very universal.

​By far the most versatile bead roller on the market the Baileigh BR-16E-36 with 30 plus die sets.

I custom built my rotisserie  with multiple anchor points  that way any part can be removed & nothing moves even turned on its side.

The Baileigh multi hammer MH-19 its a power hammer like a yoder & switches to a Pullmax type machine with a simple pin change this is an incredible state of the art piece of equipment.

​My 1 inch thick 30x40 cert welding fixture table.

​I have built over 350 English wheels over the last 20 plus years, this is my 30 inch throat version. With my 16 inch heavy duty band saw behind.

​Beverly type shear by Baileigh MPS-1

​Tig welder with liquid cooled torch & mig welder

I  have 3 different types of body build tables depending on the project needs.

​If you wish to discuss your current or up coming car or truck project  please feel free to call Shop Phone ​Best Way 425 433 0294 emails don't always work well, minor projects to major turn key builds.

​Danny Pascoe