​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Yes we do small jobs like this on any pre 1980 Vehicles I am just getting it up on my frame repair machine.

​The inner side of the core support & inner wheel house cleaned up nice.

With a pull off of the tower I started working out the wrinkles its starting to go back to its original factory shape & not have the waded up look. No heat so far.​

​No more wrinkled & wadded up mess.

​1972 Datsun 510

minor front damage repair

​I forgot to take pictures of the kinks in the upper rail & the inner fender here they are pulled out & back in alignment.

​A front lower valance was installed & welded in place.

​The outer core support area was straightened & rewelded in place

​Its starting to clean up nicely.

​The top of the core support after repair.

​Its now ancored to the frame table which is a level & flat surface to work off of with pulling capabilitys.

​The front fenders are installed, hood aligned & ready to put the wheels back on & owner take home. Its finished for my part nice fast repair.

​Front of the core support after repaired.

​I am going to try & straighten this verses replace, so with some pulling plus a lot of hammer & dolly work plus maybe a little heat it will all come out​. I do have a replacement nose section if I want to use it.

​Rust preventative paint was put in the areas similar to the factory paint.

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​Danny Pascoe​​