​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The first round of glass on the swapped parts.

​Michel has the grill surround ready for the first round of primer looking good.

​It even bent the rear spring.

​Filling & sanding the last details before priming

​The left side gets a second round of 3 layers of fiberglass.

​Molding in the factory gaps I want smooth lines for the grill surround.


​Plus we de chromed the grill shell & prepping for the new grill insert.

​The new grill insert had 31 hokie chrome plastic bolts they were removed the holes welded, ground clean then a little filler, prime & paint & now I have a clean looking insert.

​I also have to move the radius over 3/4 of an inch to the right to match the grill.

​After lots of hrs of fiberglass rework & glass filler sanding we finally have it where I want the parts.

​It's fiberglass its slice & dice time & I don't like fiberglass work a 2 3/4 inch spacer was made, much better fit now.

​The lower driving lights openings don't match the lights so they are being completely reworked.

​Some more glass work need to be done on the lower opening.

​2007 Chev Silverado Dully Diesel shop truck Redo

​the gaps are a lot better now.

​These after market front covers are real thin so I added 2 more layers over lapped in the center for more strength to the bottom lip. Once installed I will need to hook my Banks cold air scoop to it.

​The right side also needed some rework to match the grill.

​This is our shop truck we do a lot of pick up & deliver of customer projects its a banks hopped up Duramax LBZ diesel its got the power 550 HP 800 ft LB'S torque.

​A little more fiberglass filler & its starting to get to the look I am after & I still do not like fiberglass work.

​I have been wanting to change the front bumper & grill now is the perfect time.

​The driving lights don't fit the cover opening at all.

​Both parts were blocked then re primed & ready for another blocking.

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​Danny Pascoe.

​Now I just need to get my rear in gear & polish my very dull Alcoa wheels.

​Swapping more fiberglass sections from one side to the other starting to look better.

​More slice & dice time cut them out. Did I mention I do not like fiberglass work & the other half dosen't like it either coming in the house on my clothes.

​I was involved in an accident the other day.

​Lot of minor filling & sanding still to be done & I still don't like fiber glass work.

​Before and after the new 3 inch lowering kit was installed I like it lowered.

​Being a SS Duramax it definitely need a custom front end & I believe it fits.

​Now its time for high build catalyzed primer. 

​My friends at Westover Auto body in Maple Valley four corners area 425 432 7222 fixed the rear bed damage & painted the red for me on the new reworked front bumper & grill shell. I really like the new look I also had them paint the rear bumper to match. I definitely like the new lowered look. 

​The light openings will be swapped left to right & right to left plus flipped 180 & reworked to match the driving lights. Its got to look wright.

​The new steel grill had these cheese chrome plastic bolts they are removed then the holes will be welded then ground clean and repainted black.

​Its starting to clean up nicely on the right side.

​Michel has been finishing up the grill shell surround its starting to look real clean.

​The problem is no one makes this style bumper cover for 07 classic series dully huge gaposus.

​I cut the section out moved it over 3/4 of an inch then re glassed it in then a little durglass filler

​An extra 2 layers of glass add to the upper inside.

​A little dura glass on the extension area.