​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

The steering column shaft had to be stripped, primed then painted the correct interior color. I want to thank my good friend Shelly of 35 years at Wesco auto body paint supply in Renton Wa for bending over backwerds to get the correct colors for this project, Matching old colors are a real pain with these modern paints.

​The steering was real sloppy could be it needs a rebuild real  bad.

​Primed front panels getting ready.

​The intake and exhaust manifolds plus retainers back from the ceramic coaters looks real nice.

​First round of primer.

​The original inner matting was protected while stripping.

Painted in color both door pods.

Cutting in the door jams & fire wall with the correct very dark blue poly & clear coat.

​Time to clean up the engine & trans for paint.

​Redhead Steering Gear in Auburn Washington did a full rebuild 206 364 3333

The underside of the trunk lid needs to be stripped just don't trust the old repaint.

Rust preventative paint  applyed

​Water pump back from the rebuilder shop.

After cleaning the interior sections & inner door skins were painted with rust protection  paint.

Final sanding in primer then re mask for color. On the door pods & inside of the trunk lid.

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​Danny Pascoe.

​I made a temporary mount system for the hood so the underside could be worked on.

First round of primer.

​Painted original factory color.

​More inner panel prep work

​More engine compartment pieces being prepped.

After sanding out every part get another round of epoxy primer or more if needed.

​The inner door case also painted & cleared.

Both door pods & trunk lid now in clear coat this color will be out standing on this car.

​Then they were undercoated for years of lasting protection.

​Front core support & inner front panels painted. 

This is a continuation of the 46 Old's coupe restoration

​Ove Corse the underside of the hood needs work. 

Battery tray needed rust thru repair & stripping

​Inside of trunk lid painted in color.

I made the specal hood mount for preping & painting the under side of the hood due to not wanting to damage or dent it by fliping it over & resting on stands as you can see it works well & the underside is now painted matchine engine compartment black just as orignally done at the factory.​​ Its all in the details.