​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The top had some creases that needed to be worked out

​Both the trunk floor & the drip rail seal cleaned up real nice..

Welds ground & cleaned up both sides.

​Lots of plug welds to do.

​The left door also received a new skin & needed some patch repair

I like sanding the blasted parts to do a final clean up.

​Tacked then fully welded in.

As you can see in some of the pictures above & below it is just about paying attention to the details & repairing all the rust out minor or major, the idea is to make the project last another 45 or 50 years.​

​Cut out the old, then bend up a repair section after wards trim to fit.

Some patch work in the trunk floor

​The trunk lid had some minor damage & rust out repair.

​Every thing was DP primed except the areas with e coat on the replacement panels.

​Starting to look real nice

​Tig tacked then fully welded & ground clean both sides.

Now the left needs some attention.

​Right tail light housing area.

​Now its time to grind down all the welds. it is a whole lot easer to grind down the welds as we go alone on a project

After cutting most of both quarter panels off it went to the blast shop to clean up the inner structure & floors

​A little patch repair on the right  inner fender lip.

​The floor pan is fully welded in.

​A new corner piece was made

​Final install

​Now for the front fenders holes need to be filled, some minor patch and repair, plus some hammer dolly & shrink disc time.

​Patch tig welded in then ground clean

​This is for the front or outer skin repair.

​Template for patch panel.

Welds ground clean.

​Roof support bracket pained with rust preventative paint.

​Checking for fit & final trim marking.

​The trunk floor underneath the tail light panel brace needed some attention due to the rust mite attack, so a new piece was made.

​After the repair , hammer dolly & shrink disc looking real straight door gap & alignment dead on.

​Left side floor pan needed the same work as the Right.

​The new piece welded in a welds ground.

​Welds ground & rust preventive painted..

In my shop  I strive for high quality repairs whether its a small job or a larger build like this 68 Coronet. Since  this project was finished the concrete slab is now fully enclosed & has added more sq footage of working shop space. The car had to be straight & all fitments dead on as the car was going deep clear coat BLACK. The owner told me later he was quite happy as it needed very little filler & just high build primer & blocking.​

​I showed a lot of detail so you can see what my shop is capable of, also ever project done here is fully photo documented & I burn the owner a CD when done showing what all was done for there records, hope you enjoyed the build.

1968 Dodge Coronet

Left side roof support bracket was made

​First is make a patch for the back or inside then weld it in place.

Cleaned all the rust out of the lower sub rails then painted with rust preventive paint.

​Rust preventative paint applied.

Rust preventive paint is applied to the inner section.

​Right side fits like a glove

​The lower front corner was a little holy

Patch made for the trunk floor to quarter drop​​

​Doing some final trimming & fitting the start welding into place

​Tig tacked then fully welded after that the weld was ground clean

​My Baileigh MSS 16F shrinker stretcher comes in handy for making these S shaped pieces

​Weld ground clean the painted with rust preventative paint.

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​If you wish to discuss your current or up coming car or truck project please feel free to call shop phone ​425 433 0294 Best Way ​small projects to major turn key builds.

​Danny Pascoe

The rear trunk upper body filler panel needed some help.

Back glass lower corner pockets were real thin with pin holes

A pattern was made then start forming to make these tricky little parts they looked factory  when done.

​Lot of plug welds to grind clean.

​Welds ground & cleaned up

​Coated with rust preventive paint.

A patch panel had to be made for the trunk floor to quarter drop.

​The right side also need some repair.

Time to replace to many holes & very thin.

​The inner wheel tub needs a little attention

​The trunk floor had several pin holes but not enough to warrant a floor replacement.

​Cleaning up the underside.

​A little touch up welding for some thin spots.

This is the last of the sheet metal work on this project the front lower windshield area. It had the typical rust pin holes but not bad enough to need patch sections.​

​Checked for fit

​The roof to quarter seam was lead filled before priming

​With all the plug weld hole made now its time to start welding the floor pan section in.

​Again my Baileigh MSS-16F made this tricky part not so hard.

​The rest of the quarter fits great also.

New skin

​Better the factory fit & alignment now.

​The quarter's fit & look real nice.

​Passenger door needs some help a new skin & inner patch.

​Patches were made then welded in then the welds were ground smooth.

​The left side also needed some patch work.

This is a typical 60's era muscle car with 45 years of rust.

​I believe in giving my customers the best quality I can & good value for the $$$ they spend.

Door gap nice, even fat paint stick gap​​

A couple of brackets from the old skin.

​Cut the old out.

​The replacement quarters arrived, so its test fit time 

The trunk seal needed some repair so a repair section was formed to do the repair.

Passenger side floor needs attention.

A repair section had to be made for the inner fender lip.

​Ground & rust preventive painted

​The repair section was welded in & ground smooth

​The left trunk floor drop was a little holey & need some attention.

​The other side made & tacked in.

​More trunk floor patch work.

​All the seams are cleaning real nice.

​Time to install the right quarter it just fits perfect over the small corner bracket made earlier.