​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The lower core support panel made earlier & an after market battery try are now installed.

​After the final nose piece trimming, then clamp it in place and then was time to weld it up.

​The core support need a little hammer & dollie straightening then the hood hinge bar was installed & checked for a square fit movement.

​Ran the donor nose parts to the blast shop & this is what came back quite holly more repair sections will need to be made.

​No filler will be needed here.

​The right front fender was bent down in the accident which caused some wrinkles & the fender flare to bulge out.

​1970 Opel GT

​Trimming the donor nose down to what was needed.

​Now back to the body the owner originally wanted fixed it will now be the doner nose time to cut it off.

​Welds ground smooth & the hood gap is dead on.

​The wheel lip all finished up & welded in place.

First he shows up with the rusted out green & primed car this was the one he wanted rebuilt.

​The donor nose cut off.

​Some more damage repair from the accident.

​With the outer damaged skin removed you can see the left frame rail damage & the inner head light pod area

​New hood hinge bolt thru tabs were made for both sides

​The door also had a crease in it so that was hammered out it will need just a tiny bit of filler due to the inside door beam.

​Rough test fitting the upper section of the donor nose.

​Factory looking smooth shape, fit & contours.

​With the hood back on checking for fit the replacement nose section its starting to look like a car again.

​The repair section made earlier was trimmed to fit then fully welded & ground smooth.

​The turn signal fits like its supposed to & the gaps a nice and even no filler will be needed here, the nose is finished.

With a little up ward pressure & some hammer, dolly & slap work it all went back into place.

​A repair piece was made up to replace the rusted out & very thin lip under the left front turn signal area then welded in & ground smooth its all in the details.

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​Danny Pascoe

​As you can see through out my web site I work on all makes & models of cars & trucks, hope you enjoyed the Opel rebuild.

​New lower panel for the core supportrough cut to shape.

​He had been told by the previous owner that due to frame damage the car was not fixable that was very wrong. After a few minutes explaning to him I use to teach auto body frame repair for Chief automotive systems & if necessary I could put it on my frame machine  to straighten out. Plus it would cost a whole lot less to rebuild the orange car verses the green rust bucket so repair the orange car it is.

​Making a new lower valance to front fender patch.

​The frame rail was straightened & the inner head light pod  hammer & dollied back to shape.

​The left side lower valance being checked for fit & figuring what needs to be repaired the back lip is gone so that will need to be fixed.

​The frame damage was very minor after all & just a little tweaking to the left front frame horn was all that will be needed once some of the crashed bent up nose was removed.

​The wheel opening flair section is getting close

Then later that day he shows up with the orange parts car.

​The right  front nose had some previous damage holes they were welded then that section was hammer& dollyed smooth

​The frame rail & headlight pod after a little more repair work looking like it should.

​The lower valance was rusted out in the rear this is where the battery goes.

When the customer originally called me he stated he had an Opel Gt that had a bunch of rust out & needed a lot of repair but had a wrecked parts car for a most of the replacement panels.​​

​That's it for this faze of the job it now looks like an Opel Gt should. The hood opens & closes great the gaps are real nice & now the right door opens with out a bind.

​Back on the ground & ready for delivery.

​Repair section made to for  the lower valance where the battery rotted it out.

​The hinge bolt areas welded in place & ground smooth now those areas are solid again.

​After some trimming the lower valance now fits to the new wheel lip section.

​The hood hinge bolt area was torn out.

​The right rocker  had a little previous damage it was caved in some  pushed up so I removed a section then worked the metal out made a patch welded it back together  now the door gap is correct again.