​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Roof corner inner structure needed some repair & de rust.

​The repair patch fully welded & ground clean inside & out.

​Now derusting of the inner structure.

​Rest preventative paint applied.

​Back too the left side.

​The inner tub after the trunk floor is welded in from the sides then ground & painted with rust preventative paint.

​Factory looking spot welds.

​Rust preventative paint applied.

​Fitting on the inside for a factory look.

​The right inner tub needed a small patch made.

​Back end almost plucked to the bones.

​There cleaning up real nice.

​Next the roof skin was removed.

​The front corners welded & ground

​The trunk floor was checked for fit then marked on the underside where to drill the holes for  welding in place.

​It fits pretty good at the tail light panel more on that later.

​The rear package tray to floor brace needed a few minor holes filled. Just paying attention to the details.

​Back up light holes were cut in the lower panel section as the originals were.

The trunk floor looking factory from the inside back seat.

​Stripped to the bones.

​Rear back glass to trunk panel was removed.

​Now for the trunk floor it was real holey & will need to be replaced. One of the reasons I continusley check panel fit even though more is coming off is its easer to adjust at that point to keep things in alignment then after its all back together. A little extra time now can save a tone of trying to fix it later.

​Trimmed for a butt weld fit no short cut lap welds here its all in the details.

The door pillar will need some clean up.

​Re check the quarter fit real nice on the door jam & wheel tub.

​Off with the old quarter panel.

​Now for the drivers side quarter.

​Rust preventative painted both sides.

​This is where the project ended for now  the owner had been gathering parts & saving for a while & wanted to get as much done as possible with what he had. He figured with a bunch of work done it would encourage him to save  more to get it finished versus taping the car rebuild fund for other things. He plans to bring it back in the future for some floor pan, cowl & doors work. He wants a high quality restoration he will be proud of & quality takes time. I hope you enjoyed looking at this project.

​The wheel tub lip was mostly missing due to rust so it was trimmed off.

​Rust preventative paint on the pillar.

The owner had bought a used trunk lid in the past not so good.​​

You think simple just a quarter panel replace naw this is a major so sit back & watch.

​Quarter checked for fit looks real nice.

​De rusted the inner support  area then painted with rust preventative paint, then set the new replacement top panel piece in for fit every thing is fitting nice, good gaps.

​Both sides were coated with rust preventative paint.

​The left side needed the same patch.

Tail light to quarter gap real nice & sealed in between. ​

Keeping the welds cooled & ground clean as it goes eliminates the warpage form the heat.​​

​Then it was painted with rust preventative paint.

The rust mites got to the floor drops also nothing new to me.

​The same procedure as the right side trim the replacement section the us that for the guide to mark the old tub, then cleco in place start tacking ,final weld, grind hammer & dolly looks factory both sides..

The inside of the frame rails​ & the back side plus the top edge of the lower panel were coated with rust preventative paint.​

​De rusting the inner structure.

An after market tub was bought then trimmed to fit  

​Holes drill & time to start welding the floor to the supports

​The quarter fits & aligns real nice.

​The tacks are ground then hammer & dollied  to keep the heat warpage under control.

​Just like the right side the wheel tub lip was a goner.

​Inner structure pieces needing some minor repair & cleanup.

​The replacement trunk lid the owner bought years ago wasn't very good both corners were shoved in & the sides had been ground on.

​The door pillar will need to be derusted.

Starting to de rust the roof braces

​Both the left & right side needed small patches made on the inner body just above the wheel arch.

​The owner has had this car for 25 years plus, met his wife they got married in it then started a family. So the car was parked & sat then moved out of the garage and put under a tarp. ​The north west weather was not to good to it, now its time for a freshen up. He Disassembled the car then took it to the blast shop and had it primed now with ugly showing a major rust rebuild is ahead.

​Back to the passenger side, tape line marked where to remove to.

​Tacked then fully welded & fully ground smooth both sides.

​The tail light panel has to be removed also for the new 1 piece floor to go in every thing is cleaned & derusted.

​Fully welded, ground inside & out.

​Drivers door pillar de rusted.

​The new roof skin welded & ground  it fit real nice due to paying attention to all the alignments of the previously installed panels.

Back off with the quarter panel then all the inner structure gets painted with rust preventative paint.

The first of a bunch of sections to be cut off.

​Lead removed from the factory seam.

​As the tig tacks go in the clecos come out.

​Looks good but trunk lid isn't wright.

​I felt it was necessary to post a lot of pictures to show how much work goes into a proper major body rebuild, its all in the details. 

​New aftermarket trunk lid gaps look real nice now.

​Back section now fully welded, ground clean looking factory fresh.

​Checking the fit on the tail light panels before welding in the trunk floor.

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​The roof had to be trimmed back for the final quarter fit.

​Time to do final quarter panel & the tail light panel fit then weld.

​First test fit of the replacement quarter panel

​Not so pretty here O did I forget to mention old body damage also.