​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Lots of hammer, dolly and shrink disc work to straighten out the years of damage it was a work truck what do you expect.

​The new pods all welded up & ground smooth

​A little thumb nail shrinking action

​I re set & aligned the pods so they were even & square from where the owner had them then started a little sculpturing.

​1941 Ford COE Front  Fenders Custom Headlight Conversion &  General Damage Repair.

  Tig welded then the welds ground smooth then good old hammer & dolly shrink disc clean up.​​

Paper template for making the new lower front section.​​

​First piece fabbed up for each side.

​The finished truck.

​I also need to bring the bottom up where they bolt to the running boards 1 3/4 inches. ​This thing will be low to the ground.

​Tape pattern time.

​Clecoed into place & ready for marking the cutout.

​More pieces being fabbed & tacked or welded into place there starting to look nice. I made a hammer form for the front where the head lights bolt on to be flush with the chrome trim ring.

​Now for the fun part the head light pods

​You didn't really think I was just going to weld them on top of the old sheet metal.

​They are starting to take shape, some tricky curved shapes here.

​The owner sent me these 2 pictures with the fenders mounted to the cab it will be low with a cleaner look for the front.

​Then some rattle can silver to make look like steel sent pictures to the owner for approval.

​The owner brought me his pair of 1941 COE fenders with 1937 car head light pods tacked on and said I want them straight & looking nice.

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​Danny Pascoe

​Then some power smoothing.

​New lower sections fit & ready for welding.

​The running board mount area moved up now to straighten the mess.