​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The weld of choice tig.

​Tack welded in place

Openings cut & the new section made to fit

​A box for the transmission bell housing was made on the Baileigh Magnetic brake as per the owners specs.

​The original 32 grill shell needed some attention the lower chin was torn so that was rewelded & a patch panel was made for the old cut out section.

New cowl ,fire wall & toe board supports were needed to be made to fit the new recessed fire wall some tweaking over the stockers.

Rust preventative paint applied to the sub rail.

​Cut out some old damage.

Now for the back of the seat filler panel first bent some flanges.​​

Fully tig welded front & back now we have a retro style old school wheel that fits the look of the car. 

​After some slicing, bending  welding & grinding the new inner  recessed door handle pockets are made, this will add to the clean look. 

The corner patch was welded to the lower quarter patch section & ground clean.

​The channel is for for custom inside door handle pockets

​out with the old

​The rear panel fits great & a niece even gap.

​All that was needed was the center hub.

​The new patch sections were place then the body & patches  were  marked where to trim to.

Both door pillar tops needed some clean up.​​

The right door checked for fit, gap & alignment, looking good.

​Both new supports checked for fit.

​The inside showing the fully welded  patch.

​Every thing fully welded , ground & cleand up.

​The fire wall needs some changes.

​The front fender supports needed some notching & reinforcement piece made & installed.

​Now the corner piece needed to be made larger then the left side.

​The fire wall fits real nice with the new cage nuts installed

​A new rear recessed license plate & tail light panel needed to be made.

​The left side gets its section  next.

The final install of the rear body section

The lower height & track mechanism was removed so the seats would sit on the floor.

This original Ford roadster was picked up off of the east coast & it had some fiberglass & bondo repair years ago ​then was used for a mold pattern for fiberglass body's​. It also came with an original 30 Ford Roadster title.

​Now its time to weld up the door hinge plate area.

The door installed & checked for fit before final welding of the hinge mounts & pillar where sliced open, front looks good bottom body accent line lines up but back will need some work gap is to fat for my comfort. Model A fords the rear of the door went over the rear panel not a flush mount always looked funny to me.

​Some stainless tubing was V cut ends welded closed with retention nuts inside & the front spreader bar was made

The rear sub rail under side  needed a little modification for frame rail clearences.

​Then used the shrinker stretcher to form it to the body contour, plus the bead roller to put in some stiffening ribs.

​Its all trimmed out & ready to install the new section.

​Welds ground to smooth things up.

​The cage nuts were not going to work so a bunch of new larger ones had to be made.

The bottom of the inner structure was pretty much gone.

A little lathe work & the center is turned down for a nice fit.

The right door was in need of some help, upper hinge area.​​​

​Then that section was trimed & tack welded to the wheel tub replacement section. ​Its all about keeping the body lines in alignment.

The inside tacked.

​The front corner piece is next

The center spline section from the new used wheel wont fit on the steering Colum so it was removed.

​Fully tig welded & ground smooth inside & out for a great clean look & minimal hammer & dolly work will be needed to finish.

​All cleaned up & the old piece looks a lot better now.

​The cluster center section needed shortning.

Now for the dash we wanted to do something a little different this section is from the chopped top 57 pontiac parts car. 

​A little more clean up on the welds & this part is done for now.

​The owner brought by a new repo floor pan as there wasn't one in it, that will help stabilize the body for repairs.

After market lower cowl patch tweaked to fit & look correct.

My Baileigh BB-4816 Magnetic brake is a real handy tool, if you are interested in one give me a call at my shop I love my Baileigh equipment.

​Both ends were capped off.

​The other side gets the same treatment.

​The tig welds were ground smooth & clean both sides.

​The lower section under the door hinge opening & around the hinge area need some attention so a new section was made.

​The repair section tig tacked into place then fully welded & ground smooth.

​Steering column is an IDIDIT tilt.

The repair section is trimmed to length then tacked in place

​The owner is a big & tall guy so the bucket seat mechanism needed to be reworked.

Front cowl patch strips were made using the Baileigh Bead roller they go where the wind lace comes down.

​The running board  support bars were a little tired & the owner wanted them beefed up so some 10 gage steel

This is were this project ended, the owner had exasted his budget continuously making changes & adding things as the project was done, which happens a lot. The grill & front fenders were installed & it was loaded on my trailer & delivered to the customers house. Till further funds are gathered up to finish. It will be painted matt black.

The additional bracing was welded in place to add support.

​This piece was formed using my Baileigh magnetic brake & the Baileigh MSS-16F shrinker stretcher.

​After they were fully welded the welds were ground smooth for a clean look.

​The front edge of the door needed some patch work then tig welded in & ground smooth.

​These 2 wrap around pieces were made to cover the inside of the quarters & meet at the back filler panel

​Tig tacked together.

New after market hinges checked for fit & alignment.

The plastic was removed from the center hub.

​New gage cluster layout.

​The rear panel from inside the trunk area.

​Welds were ground smooth inside & out.

​If you wish to discuss your current or up coming project please feel free to call

shop phone  425 433 0294 Best Way minor projects to major turn key builds.

​Danny Pascoe

​The 3 pieces all welded together & ground clean.

​Absolute minimal to no gaps for welding.

When the front was off earlier the Radiator & grill shell needed to be lowered to fit the profile of the car so a section was removed from the front cross member.

​The after market patch panels are decent & with some rework can be made to look nice

​The inside of the door where the hinge goes needed some attention.

The left end was trimmed off then flipped the dash up side down.

​Some holes needed filling on the doors no outer door handles or the old mirrors.

​The toe board was then cut to size

​Now for the front fenders.

​The new section was tig welded in then ground smooth

​Front shock bolt clearance is the reason for the notch on the front fender supports both left & right.

​Wheel tub was trimmed to fit then fully tig welded & ground smooth.

​The inner flange is rounded on this corner as the original was.

​The grill needed just some minor welding

​In side the cowl area some patch work was needed before the toe board supports could be welded in.

​The bottom edges of the cowl needed a finale adjustment.

​The upper left door pillar needed some attention, a little hammer dolly & welding

​The cut open section was folded back & plug welded to give some extra strength in that area

Another clean up detail is to move the factory stamping end  in then weld in the custom pocket & end cap all welds were ground smooth & clean.

​The floor support needed a small patch made.

​Now for the right side

The after market hinges needed some different holes drilled & tapped to fit & make the door open correctly.

​The horn ring now flows with the dash

​This 3 spoke wheel fits the cars looks better.

​The rusted section was removed & the inner was derusted & painted with rust preventative paint, then held in place for final fit check.

​The inside weld was ground clean also.

​Some finale welding in the trunk floor pan area.

Ended up cutting off the other end & making them new matching side pieces looks better & the owner really likes it.

The wire mesh came from a old 70's era screen door found at the scrap yard.

​1930 Ford Roadster Street Rod

​Now a small patch was made for the outer skin tig welded in & ground smooth then the flange was turned over to finish.

​The new reworked dash adds a custom touch to the project, its just fresh & different.

​The trans tunnel box is fully welded

​The owner wanted the fender rear apron's welded to the fenders so tig weld them together then grind & smooth the welds.

​An original 32 grill is being used.

​Tacked into place then fully tig welded to the original back side folds.

​Welds ground smooth.

​The shell cleaned up nice

​New nut plates were made for both hinges.

​The 2 filler pieces installed this cleans up the inside.

​A minor patch & some welding look good.

Tig tack welded in to place.

​New pieces welded in ready for grinding.

​Nice clean looking repair.

​An extra brace was made.

One of the strips tacked into place.

​A new floor pan was bent up using the Baileigh Magnetic brake.

Tail light were original 50 Pontiac & they fit the look of the car simple but clean.

​With out one of these your up a creek & not going any where.

The left door also need some attention bondo filler over rust & bent areas nothing a little repair work wont take care of.

​The frame was built several years earlier & the fenders, running boards & splash aprons were needed to check for fit..

​The new patch was checked for fit then the door section was marked  for cut out.

Right door ​lower hinge area needs help even more.

​A new piece of 19 gage steel was bent up on the Baileigh Magnetic brake, then bent to the correct rounded shape then a filler piece was added to finish off the square corner.

​It was then tack welded  ground smooth along with some hammer & dolly work  to make it real straight & clean.