​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

With the floor pan tacked in now the rear cross brace can be removed.

​The factory lead has to be removed & whats left of the old  quarter panel  under the roof skin

The tape is bottomed out so we are on now.

​Working on getting all the seams welded, welds ground clean & gaps looking real nice.

​Both quarters are on for a test fit the wheel tubs are not anchored in yet just floating in side at the present for fitment.

​Floor pan now reinstalled & being welded in lots of welds.

​This is not a fast removal process but well worth the time paying attention to what you are removing.

​Inside the trunk every thing is lining up nicely including the trunk floor drops.

​First repair is the right floor pan.

​The door pillar ready for welding

Getting ready to trim the wheel tubs for splicing in the new piece

​The right side fitment is pretty nice

​Some of the old quarter is down in the rain gutter & will be removed.

​You also need to remove the back seat bracing.

​The drip rail gutters will takes some delicate clean up work.

​The wheel tub is marked & ready for trimming.

​The old scrap floor pans.

​The owner said he thought the trunk lid was damaged at one time.

​The rear inner structure was centered then welded in place.

​The brace is welded in, this is a critical brace as this is the rear bolt area fro the front sub frame.

​Now its time to remove the left floor pans still a little more to cut out & trim.

​The customer has brought the project back for the next phase time to finish up the details on the rear.

​More welding on the jam areas, also notice the outer skin stamping bottom corner was off to fit properly so it was spliced open adjusted for fit then welded all these after market panels a not a perfect fit, quality is ok not great. 

​The same slicing & dicing was done to the left side but the quarter would not sit down even close to the rear filler panel then I noticed the window channel lip difference, its a quarter of an inch taller

​Under side of tail lite panel welded to the floor pan.

​A little subtle metric adjusting is needed in the corner

​Now the quarter sits pretty good.

​No these do not fit like a glove & with the roof skin on it makes it tougher & the inner wheel tub is not in at the present time

​The complete trunk floor, plus the rear tail light panel & lower valance will be replaced with after market panels.

​The inside of the tub area, the owner  wanted to do all the grinding on the welds to help keep this in his current budget, I normaly grind all of the welds smooth as you can see in my other projects listed here.

​The bottom of the silver line it where the top edge of the left quarters lip is at so the left flange will have to be reworked to fit properly 

Wheel arch clamed to the inner tub before welding for a tight fit.

​The jam was plug welded to the inner striker area for strength as it was at the factory.

​The wheel tub is now trimmed for fitment.

​The quarter was reinstalled & clamed into place

​The left rear quarter window flange is a 1/4 inch to tall typical after market stamping sorta close but no cigar.

​The sail panel seams are filled & filed smooth.

​Both trunk floor drops were installed for the last time & fully welded.

The quarter was taken back off & the flange straightened out.

New after market quarters will be installed.

​Getting all the trunk & tail light pane seams welded.

The inside of the frame rails were de rusted & cleaned then painted with rust preventive paint

The owner has already  removed a lot of the rusted sheet metal & as you can see it needs a lot of work. Now it up to me to bring it back to better then factory fit for a high quality rebuild. So over the next few weeks watch as the build goes together. The owner has a specific budget & once the project reaches that point it gets pulled & I do my best to get as much done as I possibly can for specific amounts of funds available.

1969 Camaro major rear body reskin plus more.

​Both inside areas of the quarters were de rusted then coated with rust preventative paint.

​To fit the floor pan in you need to temporarily  remove the trunk lid supports

​Ever thing is tig welded then ground clean.

​First thing is finish welding & cleaning up the welds on the quarter to roof skin section.

Both sides trunk floor drops will be replaced

​The roof was sanded clean then again in bare metal no primer it was metal etched. That is it for this phase of the build. The customer will bring it back later for the front sheet metal work & doors when finances allow. We do lots of projects in stages as the customers budget allows.

​Both quarters were reinstalled for the last time, the right needed a little slicing & dicing on the front lower corner to fit correctly , typical after market panel. 

​There was more rust out on the left side so it had to go up under the pedals & higher up the tunnel. it just takes more time to do.

​The floor pan was installed & checked for fit then marked where the frame rails were for pre drilling for welding back in.

​Typical after market panel gaps suck not any more with some metric adjusting they will look great.

​All the trunk gaps are nice and even now, plus all the lower seams are even. Its all in bare metal no primer, its was just wiped with metal etch.

​Time to do all the final plug welding for the trunk floor to lower frame rails.

​Both sides outer wheel tubs will be section spliced, not much left of the outer lip area.

​Both quarters were removed & both wheel tubs now fully welded.

​With the quarter clamp fit & the tub clecoed fit its, tack the new tub section to the old.

​All the flanges were also painted with rust preventative paint.

​Cut out the old & start prepping for the new, some cleanup was done on the toe board area to make sure it was solid no repair will be needed there.

​Finished off the floor pan welding for now.

​Welds under neath trunk floor to front floor pan.

​The factory leading was removed then as much as possible of the old quarter was removed & the roof skin flange turned so the new quarter could be test fit.

The right quarter fits pretty decent along the rear filler panel but it still needs some work to fight correctly & tighten up the gap lots of fit & re fit. ​​

​Cleaning up both rear window channels.

​Trunk floor outer fillers to be replaced.

​The new floor pan tack welded then fully welded & welded to the inner rocker from the bottom as original.

​The rest of the old quarter was ground out of the drip rail gutter.

​The rear upper filler panel to quarter gap & fit is getting real nice now & the panel are fitting great.

​Over all the quarters are fitting real nice

​A bunch more welding.

​The trunk lid to quarter gap is wide that will be fixed later as we are getting close to the end of the owners current budget.

​The rear valance supports, rear wheel tubs & rear package back sear were all reinstalled & welded in. Lots of grinding to do which the owner wanted to do.

​The left side was done just like the right.

​Some touch up had to be done to the frame rails where spot welds were drilled & removed.

​Outer wheel tub fitment time.

If you wish to discuss your current or up coming project car or truck please feel free to call shop phone 425 433 0294 Best Way ​small projects to major turn key builds.

Danny Pascoe​​​

​Ground the welds now waiting for under seat pan floor braces.

​Then the seat pans were welded in place.

The rear filler panel to quarter gap is as good or better then factory, remember quite a bitt of tweaking to the quarters had to be done to get nice tight gaps.

​All welds were ground smooth except a few places underneath where not accessible due to having the motor , trans & exhaust system in the car. 

​New tub rough trimmed for fit.

​After some more trimming & fitting the after market panel is almost ready to start tack welding in, it will be butt welded not lap welded.

Lots of inner structure to be derusted & painted.

​This was it for the customers current budget so home it goes yes there is still a lot more to be done but it is a whole lot closer to being a driver then when it came in a few weeks ago.

​Both sides have cleaned up nice.

​Cleaning up all the welds for a nice clean finish.

​With  flange plyers & some hammer, dolly work it was reshaped to the correct depth to match the right side & allow the quarter to seat down properly.

​Door jams welded

​Final trim to fit & tacking into place.

​If you have a first generation Camaro or Firebird & need some or lots of repair I hope you would consider my shop having a chance to rebuilt  it for you any where from a nice clean street driver to a top notch show car. Small project to a major turn key build. Its high quality work not bondo sculptures here.

​Now its time for the trunk floor, the rear tail light panel has to be removed to do a 1 piece center  floor it makes for a much cleaner factory look. You have to be careful removing the old floor so you do not screw up the factory frame rails. The new floor goes clear over the back & ties in just above the drive shaft tunnel in the back seat area. The owner started removing the trunk floor then quit you can see that in the very first picture at the top.

​Finishing out the rear filler panel to quarter seam.

​The quarter to filler panel gap is spot on & the trunk lid corners are pretty close

​The under seat pan sub floor bracing was pre drilled for welding then painted with rust preventative paint.

​At best these after market panels are mediocre & they come form a major supplier, a bunch of slicing, dicing & adjusting will need to be done to make the panels fit & look good, its a little hard to see but the rear tail light panel & the quarter panel have several relief cuts in them so they will fit & gap decently once all the fitting is done it will be tig welded. This stuff just adds hrs to the job which runs the cost up.

​Working on the quarter to tail light panel.