​A new repair section was made tacked in then fully welded afterwards ground clean.

​The owner comes in and says what do we do now. The wheels had already been turning in my head when I picked it up at the blast shop, hmmmm he wanted a custom. So in my wisdom I suggested how about we chop the top & make it a 2 dr hard top. Owner answers well I like the 2 dr hard top idea, wasn't much of a 4 dr fan any way & the chop sounds cool but what are you going to do about the roof its toast. I come up in my crazy wisdom how about a 57 or 58 Dodge or Plymouth top it would realy make the roof flow. Can you do that yes it will work & look slick. It took the owner about 30 seconds to say go for it. Now where are you going to find the parts you need I don't know but let me get on it. 3 days later I found a 57 Dodge 2 dr sitting in a close by wrecking yard Big score #1 & the back glass was real nice. Then about 1 week later I found a 57 Pontiac 2 dr hard top some one had cut the top off & changed the front suspension to a newer Pontiac  then gave up on the project bingo Score #2 we now have the makings of a custom.

​Started on the front winshield area, then like many big projects the bad news hit.

​Upper corner filler piece fabbed, shaped .

​Lots of bracing before cutting the top off.

​Its all about the roof flow getting real close.

​More pin hole rust repair.

​The rear channel section was moved forward to fit the glass .

​As I have said its about the flow of the roof line it looks good here.

​A few different shots with the glass getting close  adjustment still needed for the flow to be wright.

​The rear panel lines up nice

​When I picked the body up the owner was going to build the chassis while the body fab work was being done his intentions was install Jag XJ6 front & rear suspension & wanted the body rust out repair with some minor  80's type custom work.

​A cover was made for the original floor heater hole.

​The 2 pieces together have the same roll as the trunk lid very important for over all look.

​Not so good after coming back from the blast shop  and the skin was like looking at the stars to many pin hole to even think about counting roof is a goner & some of rear pillars.

​Both quarters are looking good now.

back from the blast shop

​A flange had to be added to the quarter panel top sections so ever thing will set level.

​Carefully ground & sanded as these will get a show polish

​The right quarter patch needed a little help before installing

​With the old section removed lets figure out the flow again.

​The top strip was cut & welded in & ground smooth

​I usually don't allow customers to help but I offered him the chance to help cut the top of he jumped at the chance

New upper windshield channel center section.

​This was headed to be a totally unique 1 of a kind custom Pontiac I hope some day it gets finished. 

​The longer hard top door over laping the original rear door.

​Both side the side pillars are all fabbed & ground clean looks real good

​Now to take care of the old rear door jam area it will need to be redone so the rear quarter glass will go up & down.

​A support piece was made to go inside the rocker at the new door piller location

​A quick roll out to look at overall look & top flow, its starting to get the look I wanted.

​This is where to old upper section was needs a rebuild.

​The right side patch.

​Time to mate the skin to the rear glass channel section lots of slicing to get the panels to match & flow smoothly.

​Sliced back on the skin to bring in the soft flow roll

​Checking for fit & door gap nice & consistent.

The old 4 dr roof pillars cleaned off

​Nice even gap

​The left fin straightened up real nice.

​He had picked up 4 after market floor pan sections they were partially usable more metal needed

​Both left & right floor pans are in & welds ground clean

​Back out side for another stand back & look its got the shape we were wanting owner happy..

​Tack welded together & the 3/8 plywood for the gap & to keep things flat.

​Regretfully this car was not finished it was left at this stage. The owner had to stop  due to finances  beyond his control. last I heard  the car was for sale if any one is interested in buying it & having me finish the build please contact me at my shop phone number is 425 433 0294 the car was in the greater Seattle Tacoma Washington area, this could be a top notch winning custom.

                  I have enclosed the 1400 sq ft concrete area since the last photos were taken a lot more shop space now.

​The top of the door sillis now done for the 2 dr conversion

Glass gaposos.

​With the new top sitting on the shell not looking to slick but things will change.

​The donor quarter panel & door mocked up, its 2 dr time now.

Support braces made to tie in the rear pillar to the main body​ on top of the wheel tubs​

​New filler section made to fit

​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Had to make some inner wheel well tub patch sections to fill in where the old came out & the new needs to be.

​The rear quarters extensions are held on with screws  at the present time

The roof supports looked like this before blasting front, rear & both sides​​

​Working on the door, quarter fit plus the top chop.

The left rear fin was kinked over from something in the past so it needed to be straightened up just working on getting ready for the top graft on.​​​

​Now for the rear.

If you wish to discuss your current or up coming car or truck project please feel free to call shop phone ​​425 433 0294 Best Way ​minor projects to major turn key builds.

​Danny Pascoe

​The panel sitting there is an aftermarket 2dr HT it will need rework but a good starting point.

​Lots of time consuming detail fab work going on here

​Front floor pan cut out & the floor braces were derusted  & pained with rust preventive  paint.

​Now for the back glass

​Start tacking the roof skin down.

A lot of time & effort went into theses rear pillars, to make sure they went along with the flow of the roof​ & overall looks of the chopped top.

​Working on the front windshield channel.

​Out with the old & in with the new after some more fab additions then welded in and ground smooth

​Now with the real glass its getting close but more tweaking is needed for me to be happy.

​A few tacks were done at a time the ground ,hammered & dollied to keep warpage under control

​The upper needed to be narrowed  tig welded together.

​Fully welded hammered dollied & shrink disc it flows and its all in the details.

Lots of other detail work to be done before the new top goes on, the old 4 door jam needs to be smoothed as the door opening will change.

​Metal porn for sure it's topless

​Rear quarter top filler panels had to be made first.

​Getting the shape in the new glass channel

​The panel on the left is what was started with.

​Tacked the 2 pieces together

​Next quarter glass..

​Its starting to look like it was made to be there

​The Dodge back glass is tough to come by so a fiberglass mold was made for all the fit work.

​The right side quarter  panel repair & inner wheel tub replacement section

​The new wheel tub patch installed.

​Both fronts now tacked in place

​Its top less again & the door & quarter patch fit nice.

​The rocker still will need some work

​The support brace tig welded in place.

​The rust mites made it so some patch work needed to be done to fix the replacement quarter section.

​The card board template was transferred to plywood the start cutting out the .080 304 stainless for the glass trim to give the factory built look

​The glass lower retainer needed to be formed

​Another section being added

​Pillar cut out & the hard top door mocked in.

​Finalizing the new top chop height & flow

Checking the front for looks & flow its all in the details​​

​The corner piece welded in & ground

​The front floor section after major rework of the owners patch panel welded & ground both sides were done.

​Roof front corner pieces.

​The door jam will need some rework.

​Old panel cut out & the replacement laid down.

​Rear lower glass channel being fabbed up..

The original windshield had a crack so it was being cut & used for a pattern for the new one.

​Painted with rust preventative paint.

Front of the roof cut back​​

​The major part of the top junk trimmed off.

​After the flange was made a roll had to be formed to match the body shape.

​Corner floor piece being fabbed.

​Looks pretty good with the glass sitting in real close.

​Factory drip rails removed custom styled to be added.

​The outer rocker sill needed some repair

​Now its time to figure out the back glass upper channel

​Checking with the fiberglass pattern

​An additional filler piece had to be made.

The top sections received the same treatment no weld lines visible. 

​1957 Pontiac heading to be a high quality  chopped top 2 door custom

​Right side inner tub made & fit.