​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​First the striker plate area needed repair

Striker area repaired & cleaned up, also the inner tub damage removed.

​72 Ford Mustang Quarter Panel Repair

​The owner supplied the quarter replacement section & with some trimming & tweaking it will work fine.

Needed a new outer lip for the inner tub section​​.

​The rest of the car was real nice just the left quarter was a bondo sculpture, all it will need is a few good coats of epoxy primer for paint now no filler.

The left quarter panel was a mud sculpture & the sculpture material went into the door jam​​

​The old inner tub damage section repaired. With the owner holding the part.

​The pillar finished and cleaned up

​The panel fully tig welded on then ground smooth after that it was hammer & dolly straight.

​Cut  old damage out & start the rebuild, notice the inner tub needs some care also

​Now to make the outer piller section.

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​Danny Pascoe

The last of the hammer, dolly & shrink disc work, then wiped with metal prep before going out the door also the repaired inner tub section was reinstalled.

​The inner tub will need some repair also.

​Finishing up the pillar jam area.