​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Carefully tig welded & ground.

​The left had some minor repair needed.

The front roll & a small section of the accent line was done first tig welded in & ground smooth.

​The inner will be repaired first.

The grill need a little loving also just some minor dent & ding work. 

​The rust mites had gotten ahold of the right side front inner & outer.

A simple patch was welded in for the inner then coated with rust prevenative paint

​The owner wanted to do a little customizing and general dent repair its a restomod truck.

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​Danny Pascoe

​A quick blast of epoxy build prime & some blocking and  it was ready for pick up.

You half to be careful welding parts like this so you don't warp it like crazy.

This shot shows how much the old section was raised about 3/8 of an inch

Removing the front raised section where the Studebaker emblem went. It cleans up the front edge.

​It gives a smoother clean look to the hood.

​After quite a bit of hammer, dollyand shrink disc work the hood  is looking nice. With a fresh clean lower edge look. All the dents dings & holes repaired.

​The new front lip is just what the customer wanted a very sutle clean looking change

​The bead roller was used to make the new accent line at the bottom & the shrinker stretcher to give it the slight curve at the bottom to fit the original contoured shape.

1953 Studebaker pick up hood

Now the same section for the left side