​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Rear painted with rust preventative paint.

​The rear body mount panels are painted with rust preventative paint.

​Access holes were needed for the rear rusted body mounts.

​The patch fully tig welded & ground clean.

​Now its time to install , weld & grind the welds clean on the rear body panel cap.

​The left rear wheel house will need a couple of small patches.

​The bed floor filler panel was cut & trimmed to fit.

​This is nothing big just some general rust out repair but the nice thing is every one in the shop likes these rigs they are a tough all terrain vehicle.

​Rear mount installed.

​First thing to do is strip the parts in the way off then make it top less.

​Both rear sections were final trimmed then painted with rust preventative paint.

Also the right rear panel will be replaced.

​The left side fender well needed a couple of small patches it is easer to do it with the side panel still off.

​Both rear side marker holes were cut & retainer tabs were made then welded in place.

​The panel fits pretty good for the first test fit a bunch of tweaking & it will look nice. Still lots of little stuff to get done before its welded brackets mount plates ect.

​Rear door mount brackets pained with rust preventative paint

​1974 Toyota land Cruiser rust out repair.

​Flow thru ventilation

​The rear body panel will need to be trimmed & inner door hinge  mounts added.

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​Danny Pascoe

​We are done for now, its all put back together & ready for pickup.

​All the welds cleaned up real nice & with some hammer & dolly work almost no filler will be needed.

​The left rear panel will be replaced with an after market repair piece.

The new after market rear body mount panels fit decent.

​Getting the old panels trimmed back.

The filler panel was fully tig welded then ground smooth.

​Getting ready for the first test fit of the after market rear panel.

​Both rear doors will need some attention that will be handled  at a later date.

​Working on cleaning up the welds.

​This is was not a large repair just some general rust  clean up overall, we work on any vehicle pre 1980.

​The rear body support panel will be replaced.

​Brackets removed from the under side of the rusted sections.

​A small corner patch needed to be made.

​Repair patches were made for both spots.

​Welded in place.

Michel rough cutting away the old rear panels.​

​Michel checking the fit of the spare tire carrier.

​The rear bed section was rotted away so a new piece will be made.

​Final fit of both rear panels.

​One of the rear body mounts rusted badly.

​Well that's it for the sheet metal work for now it was painted with rust preventative paint till the owner gets a few more thing done.

​After welding the patches in place then the underside brackets were plug welded in place then all the welds were ground to give a nice clean repair.

The rear filler panel was welded to the lower body mount panel then ground smooth.​

time to do the final rear body mount install.

​Getting ready to make the bed filler panel that was rusted away.

​The rear lower filler & floor support piece will be replaced with after market  pieces.

​Both rear panels inner side & the under side of the rear floor extension was painted with rust preventative paint,

​Both left & right lower body attachments panels had to be made then welded in place.