​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​I had to make a new piece for the bumper mount area..

After  several hrs of thumpin bumpin and hammer and dolly work it is starting to take a resemblance of a 35 tail pan but a lot more hrs to go.

Getting the front side stripped down.

After several more hrs of work it is starting to take shape, I still have to repair both of the bumper mount sections, very lower lip area plus the bumper bracket recess area for the left side still need work, then maybe it will be shrink disc time to fine tune  this panel.

I got a phone call from a customer back east wanting to know if I could repair his 35 chev master coupe rear tail pan the car is pretty much rust free. He emailed me some pictures & I told him it was repairable and this is what arrived.

​Also made a small filler piece.

​Fully welded & ground clean.

​The right side was real thin so it received the same new cap.

Projects like this are tough to do when you  don't have the vehicle here to check fit, but luckly the three major bolt on areas were all in good shape its packed & ready for shipment back to the customer.

After a lot more hammer dolly & shrink disc work the panel cleaned up real nice, very little filler will be needed mostly epoxy primer to repaint black again.

​35 Chev rear tail pan repair.

​The back side cleaned up nice also

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