​The old rail is removed on the left side

​After removing the rear floor sections then start prepping for removing & installing the lower body support rails one at a time.

​The first to go in is the sided to side support.

​All the panels were scuff sanded, etched & painted with rust preventative paint.

The owner supplied the  after market repair panels, wheel tubs, rear floor pans & rear lower body support rails.

​Being careful to not destroy any of the factory mount tabs.

​Before the lower support rails were welded in the rear floor pans were checked for fit so now its time to weld them in.

​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​30 Ford sport coupe nothing major just basic rust out repair.

​Then the rest of the tubs were removed with the body clamped onto temporary support rails.

With the floor pans in  & some touch up grinding & rust preventative painting its all done & ready for the customer to reinstall on his chassis. Just a nice clean repair ready for another 75 years of use.

​Now the same process for the other side.

A few touch up welds then ground smooth on the inside.

​Part of the wheel tubs have to be removed to gain access to the lower body support rails. 

​After all the welds on the tubs were ground smooth they were coated with rust preventative paint.

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​Danny Pascoe

​When the old tubs were removed tabs were left from the original fender bolt holes for accurate alignment.

​Then the side rails were trimmed to finale length & tig butt welded in place. 

​After tack welding in then the old tabs were removed &the tub fully welded & ground smooth.