​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Over all its cleaning up nicely

​It fits & lines up well.

​With the old roughed out damage I welded in the new lower lip.

​Rear up right supports & spacer blocks.

​It was tig tacked into place then a major part of the welding was done.

​The circled & non shinny spot all will need work typical old vehicle lot of dents, dings & rust out.

​Just sitting on the lower fender extension.

​With a bunch more hammer dolly & shrink disc work they a starting to clean up real nice.

​Then marked & cut out the bad section, with a little more trimming I will fit in the replacement panel.

​A paper template was made then the steel was marked & cut to size, the outer edge & lip was ok so I stayed inside that area to make the repair easer & help retain shape.

​The inner front fender support brace need to be reinstalled rust preventative paint was applied first.​

​Some hammer & dolly work & its coming wright up.

First thing is to remove the upper inner support brace. Notice the bondo left after it was blasted and the rust thru section.

​Fully tig welded & ground clean inside & out now its hammer & dolly time to work out the distortion from the heat.

​Inner section of fender & inner side of support were painted with rust preventative paint then plug welded in place & ground clean.

​I had to slice it open in multiple places & move it in any where from 1/8 on the ends to 3/8 of an inch in the center to fit decent.

​I then did the rest of the hammer, dolly, & shrink disc work lastly reinstalling the inner brace after I painted under the brace area with rust preventive paint.

​Fenders just setting on the jig.

​The inner brace was made just like the left side.

​Front to rear lineal supports.

​A little back tracking now I had started working on the fenders before I made the adjustable jig  so here after roughing out the left fender I made a pattern for the replacement panel. Then laid it out on some AKDQ steel.

Just like the left side the outer panel was  formed then clecoed in place for tig welding.

​1950 Ford Pick Up Front Fenders

​Over all fit an alignment is nice.

The brace was plug welded in then the welds were ground clean.

​Fits great & cleaned up real nice.

​Flange was turned on my Baileigh bead roller.

​A little more tweaking & it will be ready to weld to the fender

After a bunch of rough forming, shaping stretching & shrinking it is starting to take some shape. I decided to make the bottom lip in a separate piece. ​​

​Theses front fenders are a mess lots of previous damage bad repair & rust thru.

​Some ones back yard hack repair.

​After marking the fender the rusted section was cut off & the new replacement was clecoed into place.

​Using my Baileigh shrinker & stretcher I formed the panel to match the running board shape.

​After market fender extensions don't fit .

​Yes its ugly now its my turn to fix them real nice this is the left front to start with.

​Mostly tig welded & ground clean

​The right side also need inner & outer patches.

More tig tacks in between the tacks.

​Left running board mount area needs replacement.

​It is a lot easer to see how the new panel will fit with the fender mounted on the jig fixture & much easer to make sure both fenders match. Just a little more work & then for the under side lip section.

After some good old hammer & dolly work the dents & wrinkles are starting to come out.

Some light sanding with a block & the old damage shows up better.

​Rear lower bolt areas where the fenders bolt to the cowl.

After all the hammer, dolly and clean up grinding the out side looks nice.

​All the tack welds were ground smooth both out side & inside then some hammer, slap & dolly work to stretch up the shrinkage from welding.

​I am always rebuilding or repairing fenders , doors, hoods & trunk lids so I made a universal repair jig fixture, first project on it these 50 Ford pu fenders. This will make it a whole lot easer to keep things concentric & square.

​The brace & inner fender area were painted with rust preventative paint.

​The current welds were ground fairly smooth both out side & inside so some hammer & dolly work can be done to keep the warpage from the heat under control.

​After clecoing in the new panel then it was tig tack welded in place.

​A pattern was made the a piece of flat stock was cut.

​I have finished these & the happy customer has picked them up.

​The right side spliced open then fit & start tacking together

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​Danny Pascoe.

​Now its finesse out the heat warpage as usual. 

​The inner brace had to be removed so I could metal finish the outer  panel patch area and it was de rusted then painted with rust preventive paint.

​The lower flange is close.

​Tig welding up all the splices then grinding them smooth to get ready for hammer & dolly work.

​It was clecoed with holding tabs for alignment then marked for cut out.

​The non shinny area need's some work its low.

​Front anchor brackets. I built the jig to be very  universal & adjustable.

​After cutting out the damage the inner brace was ok except for some rust nothing thru.

​The inner brace can now be removed.

​Time for some panel  repair this shot was taken before mounting on my panel jig

​I made a new inner support brace.

​It was ground clean then hammered & dollied.

​Its rock solid now it will be easer to rebuild lots of different panels & have them locked into place & super easy acess to the work areas. This spot was hammer& dollied out.

​This is the start of the lower lip flange that the front fender extensions bolt to.