​A small patch was made for the trunk floor drop.

​Getting ready for the new panels.

​The inner tub will need some repair sections also.

​The new inner tub is fitting real well.

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​Danny Pascoe.

​The dent in the rear of the quarter was hammer & dollied out.

​Then the welds were ground smooth.

​Rust preventative paint applied inside & out.

Checking the new inner tub section for fit.

​The Base body is real nice on this car just some minor repairs, compared to most we get.

​Same process for the left side  weld in then grind it smooth.

​The outer skin was very holly & thin.

​About ready to remove the rusted out area.

​Now for the left side the rear of the quarter has a dent & the inner & outer wheel arches are rusted.

​The rusted out areas were removed then the new repair sections were fit & ​​lots of welding.

​Last step is to paint all the bare metal with rust preventative paint, then seam seal all the welds last is under coat the inside repaired sections.

​That's it for this project for now we have done the repairs the customer wanted for this phase of the project. One last thing a coat of clear was sprayed on all of the exposed bare metal to prevent rusting while waiting for the next phase of the build the car will need to be stripped to bare metal before finishing the body work & painting.

​1969 Camaro With Some Minor Rust Out Repairs.

​The inner wheel tub is trimmed also getting ready for the new replacement.

​Then it was welded in place.

​Then lots of grinding inside & out to clean it up.

​Time consuming trim work.

​There was a small dent in the rear valance that was repaired.

​A repair piece was made for the right side first. It has a reverse curve in it with a v grove not a simple straight piece to make.

​The outer repair section checked for final fit.

​Rough cut the outer arch out.

​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The front dash extension onto the cowl needs some attention typical rust thru.

​The inner tub is fully welded then ground clean.

The right wheel arch & inner tub has some minor rust issues.

​After welding, grinding & some hammer dolly work it is starting to clean up nice.

​Checking the outer tub sections for fit.

​New inner & outer arches