​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​More sculpture material on the left rear quarter.

​Just started welding in the front replacement panel then the bad news.

​We are getting nit picky on old rust in pits that was under the paint we removed.

​A little more grinding on the welds then some shrink disc work.

​Its then painted with rust preventative paint & tack welded in place.

​The engine bay will get a full detail & the brake line mess will be redone.

​The left side will need the same repairs.

​The 215 Aluminum V8 will be rebuilt.

​The steering box sector gear is worn so it will go in for a rebuild

​In the past the car some brake issues & was converted to front disc brakes, when they put in a larger master cylinder they chopped up the unibody frame & cowl support.

​We are being nit picky now making sure all the small rust left under the old repaint is gone, we want the new paint to look great for the next 15 or 20 years.

​Making a pattern for the lower rear quarter patch panel

​The dash & wiring will get a freshen up.

​Left door repair is next.

​Template bring made for the rusted inner structure.

​1962 Buick Special Convertible

​After a through cleaning & some minor touch up the interior floor was painted with Hammerite a very tough & durable paint.

​A new inner structure panel was made with large drainage holes tis time.

​The late 80's early 90's velour look will be changed

​Taking the front apart.

​The last of the parts in the engine bay & wiring being removed.

​Cut out the rust area & started cleaning the inside it will be painted with rust preventative paint..

​The front fender is all derusted & will need so attention.

​Steering box is out & headed for a rebuild.

​The front & rear suspension & exhaust have already been redone so we will just clean up the under side.

​GM did not leave hardly any room for water & crud drainage so we will fix that it had a full dust pan load of dirt & rust trapped in between the panels.

​All the interior panels were removed.

​Michel stripping the cowl vent.

​Front core support bar is torn on both sides that will get fixed.

​The inner structure inside was painted with rust preventative paint then fully welded in place & the welds ground clean

​The front wheel tub to inner structure GM sealant was sloppy we will clean that up.

​The dual electric fans will be replaced with an original style fan & shroud

​The front & back side cleaned up real nice.

​The inside of both doors were cleaned real well then painted with Hammerite.

​The Pattern transferred to 19 gage AKDQ  original thickness & style stamping steel then formed to shape.

​Mr. Dillon doing some of  the ugly stripping work.

​The inner structure is real thin so it to will be replaced.

​The front valance will be stripped & de rusted.

​The upper windshield chrome caps were removed

With the interior out ​the floor pan & rear seat area is quite nice good chance a clean up & a fresh coat of rust preventative paint will do the job.

​The rust mites have appeared on the left & right rear quarter.

​The front frame horn where the master cylinder goes was previously cut it needs some attention.

​After cutting out the rust area the new patch was trimmed and fit into place.

​The bumper fit doesn't match to tight on the left side we will fix that.

​Lots of dirt & crud built up over the years to retain moisture & rot build up from the inside.

​Michel cleaning up the left over paint & primer

​Some sculpture material in the upper rear body panel.

​The new patch is fully welded &  ground clean.

​it looks a little more stripped all the time.

​Up in the are getting ready to pull motor & trans.

​The engine & trans coming out together.

​Still removing trim but getting down to the last of it.

​The inside was derusted the painted with rust preventative paint

​The soft top well & trunk floor will get some clean up.

​More minor derusting and then painting with Hammerite.

​Almost ready for epoxy primer.

​The rust mites had gotten to the cowl support area next to the master cylinder so some patch work is nessasary.

​The engine compartment is pretty much stripped now.

​Than that panel was painted with rust preventative paint

​All the rest of the chrome & trim will be removed.

​The right door front patch is finished.

​The wiring harness is 55 years old so it will get a total aftermarket  replace.

​Time to get ugly on the paint it's aircraft paint stripper time.

​Large drain vents were created for the outer skin.

​The battery tray & area will get some clean up.

​Checking the outer rocker section for fit.

​Finally some solid metal to work from.

​The old inner structure removed & another pile of rusted debris.

​The hood cleaned up nice it will need just some minor attention.

​Cowl vents are no fun to strip.

​This was a nice clean car to start with but the owner decide to do a total freshen up, Motor ,Trans, Body, Paint, Upholstery & some Chrome plus a few little minor changes.

​The replacement panel was made to look like the left side for a cleaner look and a lot of clean up before priming.

​The brake plumbing off of the master cylinder is a mess that will be redone.

​The soft top fold down area will need derusting.

​The trunk will be re carpeted to match the interior carpet.

​There is some very sketchy past repair work  so this will be repaired to make look real nice no major re mud.

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​Danny Pascoe

​The battery tray area was pretty thin so it will be replaced to match the left side, the battery is moving to the trunk.

​Getting the engine compartment cleaned up nice, the battery area will get some extra attention.

​The dash & under side is getting pretty bare also.

​More clean up on the engine bay.​

​They are out the trans will get a freshen up & the motor a total rebuild.

The unibody frame section and pocket are all welded & cleaned up now.

​The soft top will be replaced it had a few minor tears & wear spots.

​After stripping it was derusted both front & back.

​Painted with Hammerite just like the front floors.

​Time for some rust thru repair.

​Michel is massaging all the body panels before the first round of epoxy primer.

​Regret fully we had to quit on this project as the owners job has been out sourced to another state the big corporate  way to short change there employees.

​We have a wide variety of projects going on in the shop now.