​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​A small patch was needed in the left side rear seat area.

​The ugly inner apron that I straightened earlier fits great & looks clean now.

​The seat pan welded in, welds ground & then painted with rust preventive paint

​The Battery tray inner fender apron need replacement & the owner supplied me with this aftermarket mess, so I figured while waiting for the paint to dry & would see what I could do to make this look better.

​Its all nice & clean now.

​The right door will need a small patch so I stripped off the paint.

​Its all cleaned up & ready.

​The right trunk floor drop will need a little attention.

​The owner always insisted on ordering the replacement panels

​All the welds are ground smooth & cleaned up even though the top was a 3 piece it looks like a 1 piece now, no filler will be needed for the upper seam.

​Toe board fully welded in & to the lower frame rail.

​No filler will be needed in this section.

​It was pre drill for the welds.

​The patch was welded in ,ground smooth both sides then painted with rust preventative paint.

​The seat pans were also painted at that time with rust preventative paint top & bottom.

​Its about 3/4 of an inch to long that will be fixed.​

​The left rear quarter will need a few pieces.

​He said he got a great deal on the top now I know why its the cheese 3 piece unit which takes more time to install which means more labor. Test fitting to see how they fit. Ok I can make it work.

​After some hammer dolly & shrink disc work its cleaning up well.

The right side fit no so good the panel will need some work to fit correctly

​The left door will also need a small patch.

​After some reworking of the rear edge the panel now fits & was fully welded & ground smooth.

​The right door also needed the same patch work done looking clean.

​The right side will need similar repairs.

​All the welds ground smooth & clean both top & underside.

​All the ground areas were painted with rust preventative paint,  the customer was going to de surface rust the rest & paint it trying to save them selves a few bucks, I prefer doing it all in house but I do what my  customers ask on some things when it comes to saving dollars.

​Lots of clamps were used thru out the welding of the main roof skin.

​After some rework to the wheel arch lip & the tail panel edge it now is a nice fit they come as a mediocre fit.

​Back to the floor pan the passenger side will need the same treatment.

​Both quarter repairs were painted with rust preventative paint on the inside the undercoated.

​Welds ground clean & it will get coated with rust preventive paint

​Back to the left side inner rear lower quarter a patch had to be made.

​1965 Mustang will need some assorted, damage repair, rust repairs, plus a roof skin.

​The patch was made then welded in & ground smooth.

​Time to fit the right toe board.

The welds were ground smooth just like evert thing else done in my shop, its pay attention to the details.

​A patch will be made for the rusted out section under the rear seat area.

​Both quarters will need new lower rear sections replaced.

​Lots of rust on the inner structure  areas

​After the rear seat patch was fully welded & ground the it was time for the main floor pan I marked & pre drilled it for welding to the floor braces.

​A previous repair some hack just welded a patch over the rusted section

​Welds ground smooth and looking good.

​The old floor pan cut out & being careful to not damage the under side support off of the tunnel.

​Seat pans painted with rust preventive paint.

​Seam sealer was put down before the repo panel was clamped in place

​Spot weld was torn loose at the fire wall.

​Time to fit the lower quarter patch.

​Rust preventive paint applied to the factory seam areas where the inner apron will be welded in.

​Then all the de rusted areas were painted with rust preventive paint.

​The repair patch was made & fit.

​The repair section is fully welded then ground smooth

​The owner wanted the shock tower supports welded because he was installing about a 400 hp motor

​Earlier I  straightened the repo battery tray inner apron well the old is out & getting ready for the replacement.

​Floor pan fully welded in.

​Using my planishing hammer it is starting to clean up.

​The left door needed a minor  rust out patch made.

​The last of the work for now the front cowl cover needed a tab made.

​After all the paint & bondo was removed this is what was covered up.

​The left side toe board area was trimmed marked for spot weld holes fit & welded in.

​The owner has pre bought some of the repair panels, I prefer to by the sheet metal that way I get the correct parts & the better quality. The cheaper parts usually means more work to install.

​Picking it up at the owners house.

​Its a nice clean installation now.

​The welds are ground smooth inside & out then hammer & dollied for virtually a filler less repair.

​All of the under side worked areas were under coated.

​It was then fully welded in place. The same process was done to the right side.

​The right quarter also has some upper damage that will be repaired.

​Rust prevenative paint applied to the insides of the old supports & where the new sub frame connector gets welded on to the  front unibody.

​Now for the main roof skin all the mount areas were seam sealed.

​The underside of the floor pan welds ground clean.

​I popped the roof panels off then started de rusting all the inner structure

​Both sides of the repaired section were painted with rust prevenative paint.

​Driver side fully welded it gets ground later.

​A small patch was made for the bottom of the core support also.

​Welds were ground smooth & clean I strive for quality work not short cuts.

​The lower sub connector going from the front lower front unibody structure to under the floor on both sides were beat up real bad, replacement time.

First I need to do some inner panel repairs.

​First on the list floor pans need replacement.

​The inside area was coated with rust preventative paint then the patch welded in & ground smooth now a clean repair.

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​Danny Pascoe.

​It now fully welded in place.

​Just like the left side the lower support was replace due to previous damage.

​This car had a vinyl top on it so it was quite holy & thin in a lot of place so off with the top skin.

​It cleaned up real nice

​Its about 1 inch deep in the middle.

​Typical on old vehicles when you have to replace the outer skin some of the wheel tub will need replacement

​The left floor drop will need more work then the right.

​Loaded on my trailer & heading back to the customers house, he has stated he will be brining it back after he puts together more funds for the final body work & a top quality daily driver paint job. I hope you enjoyed this build.