​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

More hammer, dolly & shrink disc time its starting to look very usable

A minimal amount of filler was needed to make it real nice & a few good coats of epoxy primer.

1964 Fairlane Left Quarter Panel Repair​​ & Door

Previous repair attempts

On restorations or mild restmods I like saving original sheet metal when ever possible as it  adds to the value of the vehicle later, in stead of having a bunch of patch panels, whether after market or hand fabbed. Once finished I burn the owner a CD of what was done for there records which can help in the resale later as to show what was done. Good documentation always helps when selling.

New patch held in place & checked for fit.

After some hammer & dolly with a bunch of shrink disc work it is starting to clean up

The owner was  quite happy I was able to save the original front quarter & door skin as there was no after market replacement panels available

A new panel was made up using the bead roller​ & English wheel it was made to look original with the recess on the bottom underside

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​Danny Pascoe

A new section will be made for a quality repair.

The owner started to do the repair then realized it was over his head. This is a factory V8 four speed car

​Old repair & rusted section previously covered with mud

Nothing fancy just a nice clean repair

This is why the owner called me help, I screwed up my car. He had attempted to use the torch to repair the quarter & door damage. Then figured he was in over his head. Trying to fix the old damage repair  that some other mud artist did.

​Full welded then hammer, dolly & some shrink disc work, nice clean repair

​Tig tack welded in.