​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

1922 Hudson Door​ from a 4dr sedan it looked like some one beat it up pretty bad trying to fix it then quit.​ The car sat in a barn for 40 plus years un molested except the one door

 The owner had requested I save as much of the original metal as possible​ as the rest of the car was 100% original. He was quite happy I only had to replace just the 2 small sections.​

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​Danny Pascoe

​I put the skin in my Molasses dip tank for a couple of days & it de rusted it real nice. With the skin sitting on the frame un clamped it settles real nice. I also have a bunch of shrink disc time  to smooth out the wrinkle's.

​The upper hinge pillar was full of lead from an old repair.

​I had to make a new one as the local Hudson wrecking yard went out of business about 1984 as the owner died. I bent these up on my Baileigh  BB-4816M magnetic brake complicated little pieces.

​I started working out the lumps bumps & wrinckles with the hammer & dolly. Then broke out the torch, I am not a big torch shrink guy but some times you just have to do it to get things to take the shape you need.

​I had to make the door top also again it was bent on the Baileigh BB-4816M Magnetic Brake. Then they were tig welded to the skin.

Like most early old cars the metal skin was nailed to a wood frame, lots of nails to pull so I could remove the skin.

​Some more hammer & dolly work just working out the dents & creases.

​It took quite a few hr to get the door to this stage but the final results were worth the effort.

​Plus some rust thru on the top door edge.

​I do not claim to be a wood guy but I can do it when necessary I also had to make a new door frame bottom section.

I built a crate to protect it in shipping. The freight company's don't understand when you tell them its an unobtaineum part. When it arrived the owner said it was like being shipped in a vault locked in tight. it fit like a glove his painter said and it would not need any  filler & he was very happy about the final  metal work results.

​Checking the new piece for fit looking good..

​Back on the wood frame to see how things are looking, one of many checks to make sure it fits relaxed not all twisted.

​Now for the ugly upper door pillar.