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​Danny Pascoe

​It was left on the old inner structure for a jig  so it would not loose its shape.

Back to the old rebuilt inner structure. It just needs a  clean up now.

Ah yes sculpture material, some old insurance repair work not looking to good but that is the way they repaired it 35 years ago fast & cheap.

​The old skin was peeled back & removed

​The original flange was carefully hammered over to the inner structure, looking good now.

The left door was not as easy it took 2 doors & patch section to make it nice & even doors needing work are not cheap. This car restored when done correctly  is 125K plus it has 392 Hemi dual quad AC & power every thing remember its a drop top. When the top goes down the price goes up.

A little hammer, dolly work  plus some welding repair & the inner structure is very usable

​The left door is a mess the inner structure will be used & another outer skin from another door will be fit on to this frame

Now for door #2  the donor skin, but the bottom 3 inches were bad & the inner structure was rusted bad. In a lot more areas then you see here. But most of the skin was salvageable. 

The repaired old inner structure & the repaired outer skin were derusted & painted with rust proof paint.

​The inner structure needs some help straightening, holes welded & rust out in general

After several hr's of paitent welding as not to warp the sheet metal plus hammer dolly & shrink disc work the door is ready for epoxy primer very little if any filler will be needed.

​New used repaired outer skin looking good just needing some minor hammer ,dolly & shrink dics clean up.

​They are ready for epoxy primer now little to no filler will be needed for a show finish.

I stripped the door using aircraft paint stripper then sanded with 80 grit. I am not a big fan of blasting as it warps the metal & is hard on this original metal.

Right Door it doesn't look to bad here but as you will see it needs some attention.

Several places it has small rust thru & non factory holes punched in.​​ They were welded & a couple of small patches made then ground smooth for the inner structure.

All holes will be straightened then tig welded.

​The crease circled here will be straightened.

​The right door after a high quality repair

The new repair section was cut & slightly English wheeled to get the correct contour still on the old inner structure for alignment. Then clamped checked before welding. No lap welds here just a tight fit  tig butt welded.

​The left door after a high quality rebuild  using an inner structure from one door an outer skin from another plus a 3 inch full length repair section at the bottom they both are looking real nice.

1956 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible doors 1 of 30 cars built​