​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The old repair was riveted & spot brazed on.

​That it for now, time to deliver it to the owner till the next phase.

​The quarter is being replaced due to an old very bad previous repair.

​No lap welds here just clean but welds.

​Working on the final trunk floor rear details.

​Dillon removing the clecos after tack welding.

​The old front trunk floor brace has to be separated at the rear seat pan seam & removed.

​The trunk floor welds in the wheel tubs were ground smooth & painted with rust preventative paint.

​A small patch was made for the left wheel tub.

​All plug weld holes were pre drilled.

​Due to paying attention to the details taking it apart the new trunk floor fits real nice.

​The partial trunk floor drops were rechecked for fit.

​The outer wheel tub needs a couple of repairs.

​The quarter is fully butt welded to the body.

​Lots of spot welds to drill & separate.

​1964 Pontiac Tempest we are replacing the trunk floor & the left rear quarter panel to start. This is a father son project so we will be doing the sheet metal repair over time as there budget allows. The sheet metal work is just what they choose not to do. So that is where we come in.

​Both trunk floor drops are in nice shape plus no one makes replacements and if they were bad we would have to make new ones. 

​The inside panels were cleaned with a power wire brush then painter with rust preventative paint.

​Starting to remove the trunk floor.

​The left rear quarter has had a few patches in the past & some mud work so we are going to do a 3/4 panel repair plus the trunk floor has rust thru in several place & previous rivet in repairs so it will get a new 1 piece aftermarket floor.

​Now its time to get ready to weld the floor in.

​After trimming & fitting the panel was clecoed on.

​The trunk floor is a generic for all the GM body's this size so it has to be reworked on the very rear to fit the Pontiac

​The quarter Panel has to be rolled over & in to be correct

​The after market quarter will need some trimming.

​They were then painted with rust preventative paint &clecoed & clamped  for welding

​The inner tail light and rear body panel is real nice so we do not want to mess with that. Also no one makes a replacement.

​Then all those area's are painted with rust preventative paint.

​Out with the old still some more clean up to do.

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​Danny Pascoe

​Patches were made, welded in & ground clean.

​Looking rather hollow from the rear, also new body to frame mounts will be installed firewall back.

​The front is clecoed in place & the body to frame bolts are in so lets start welding.

​The rear tail panel was painted with rust preventative paint as always the all the seams were sealed with seam sealer just neater the GM did it

​Both trunk floor drops needed a partial section removed then those areas were de rusted & painted.

​The back tail piece is finished ground clean.

​Rust preventative paint was applied to both tub areas.