​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Bottom side of the new panel welds ground.

The owner supplied the after market floor section with some adjustments they will work

​Seat pan front lower section welded in place.

​The inner part of the sub frame connector was derusted & coated with POR 15

​1965 Ford Thunderbird Floor Repair

​From under neigh you can see why the filler was made it's all in the details

​Every thing ground & cleaned up

Filler piece at the bottom of the tunnel

​Drivers side old repairs.

​Tunnel piece welded to floor section then marked for old section removal.

Another filler piece had to be made for the tunnel. ​​​

.​Had to form up a filler piece for the seat pan this is where the Baileigh shrinker / stretcher  comes in handy.

Welds ground down & cleaned up.

​The old repair & rusted mess removed.​

​It has a lot of detail bends & needs to fit tight.

Welds fully ground, no lap welds but weld only.

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​Danny Pascoe

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​Coated with rust preventive paint

Another seat pan filler piece had to be made.

​Another piece had to be added to the filler piece, it was faster to make in 2 sections & weld together then make a 1 piece section. 

Seat pan filler welded in.

Another project out the door the under side was coated with  rust preventive paint then spray undercoat​.

Small jobs like this or big full build projects  It's pay attention to the details in my shop.​

​Welded in place & welds ground clean.

Typical rusted floor pan right side