​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The old inner brace section was removed.

​The last thing to do is work out the crease in the lower rear quarter.

​The owner supplied the patch section only a small section will be needed here.

​With some tweaking of the panel & better trimming it was tig welded & is looking good.

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​The left rear needed a small repair also the wheel arch lip was gone.

​All the lines fit & flow nice after some tweaking.

The owner attempted to do his own repair not so good it will be cut out & fixed to look nice & like most after market patches they are a mediocre fit & look at best, he wants a real nice car so I am doing the rust out metal work then the owner & his body & paint person will finish it up.

The chassis & running gear are set up nice but quality sheet metal work is over the owners head that's where I come in its my nitch.

​Both fenders were reinstalled & checked for gap looks even, the owner & his body & paint person will be doing all the final fit & prep later.

​The repair area was cut out using the trimmed patch as a guide.

​That's it for my part its now up to the owner & his body, paint person to finish it off.

​the patch was fully welded then ground smooth with some hammer, dolly & shrink disc work.

The owner cut off both of the lower front fenders sections then once the replacement patches arrived they were not a good fit that's where I come in.

​The inside cleans up as nice as the out side.

​Now for the left fender go thru the same steps as the right.

​Good old fashion hammer dolly & shrink disc work cleaned this up. 

​The  new inner brace section was welded in place & all the welds ground clean.

​Grinding it smooth along with hammer & dolly work.

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​Danny Pascoe

​I have finished with the metal work I am doing on the front fenders so both were coated with rust preventative paint on the sections I worked on.

​1957 Chevrolet Restomod Minor Rust Out Repair & Panel Fitment Issues

​With all measurements checked & clamped in place its time to weld in the brace repair section

​The inner repair section will be rough cut to length.

​Any final hammer & dolly work was done.

​After removing the old inner brace the surface rust was cleaned up & the inner area & the new brace section were painted with rust preventative paint.

​The replacement inner brace ready for rust preventative paint.

​The left side trunk filler patch cleaned up nice also

​The lower filler panel under the trunk lid needs some minor attention so the lead was melted out & a patch is being welded in to repair the rust out area & the upper seam was fully welded

​The repaired section cleaned up nice.

​It all fits & looks good inside & out.

​It was then tack welded into place.

​The rusted & damaged inner brace section can now be removed.

​Both of the front fenders needed the lower rear section replaced & the lower 12 inches of the rear support brace so we put them on my universal fixture this way every thing stays in alignment & concentric.

​The left rear quarter repair cleaned up nice.

​The owner had pre bought the patch's & inner braces & had rough cut the fenders & outer skin patch.

​The new patch was checked for fit before turning the lower edge

​The patch done by the owner was cut out.