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​Danny Pascoe

​The bottom flange was way off so it needed to be trimmed then reworked to fit correctly.

The inner structure is even worse both will need to be replace.

​Also the wheel opening arch is off.

​Typical old car its got some rust issues & minor dent damage, so its time to clean it up.

The left side wheel lip needed some repair.

1952 Chev  General rust out repair

​A new piece was made using the Baileigh bead roller.

After market inner structure will need some reworking.

​Just like the right side the left needed a repair.

​Its getting closer but still needs some rework.

​Even the inner structure looks clean & nice no ugly welds they were ground clean as always.

​The top was trimmed off.

Fully welded & ground checked for fit gaps are great,  time to remove the outer support bar & weld the 1/8 inch ​​holes looking real nice

​We have the technology slice, dice ,cut & bend to make it fit & look real nice.

​The Baileigh Bead roller was used to rework the wheel arch line & also used to  draw the wheel bulge down to fit.

​This will fit nice.

​All the bare metal was painted with DP primer & next to no filler will be needed on any of the repaired sections.

Then just like the other side tack weld, grind, hammer & dolly, finish weld , grind, hammer & dolly then finish off with the shrink disc & again next to nothing for filler will be needed. Just a real nice clean repair its all in the details.

​The replacement panel fit real nice now time to tack weld it on.

After it was fully welded then ground smooth then some hammer ,dolly & shrink disc work it looks real nice very  little to no filler.​​

​The owner supplied all the replacement panels including the door skin, it will need to be wheeled to get the correct shape & contour.

​Now its time for the outer skin the inner structure is ready for another 65 years of use 

​The drivers side rear need some help so it was make a repair section, cut out the bad for a butt weld fit, tack in place then grind smooth hammer & dolly finish weld grind smooth, finish with shrink disc.

​As you can see the front wheel buldge dose not fit to good.

​After tack welding they were ground & hammered & dollied to remove the shrinkage

The owner supplied the  after market panel's they will need to be tweaked some & trimmed for what is needed.​​

Next the ends & bottom edge were folded to a 90 and the corners rounded to the proper shape.

​Also just like the right side the after market crappy fit repair section, back to the Baileigh bead roller to crispen the body line.

​The dent that is in the second picture was hammered & dollied out with some shrink disc help

​Now we have a nice factory looking clean corner. time to finish welding the rest of the butt fit seam no tack lap welds done here.

The tent cover is gone now & concrete is part of the fully enclosed shop I am constantly working  to improve my shop , equipment & over all appearance of the property.

​The upper belt line had a little rust issue under the rear quarter window.

Clean on the inside & painted with rust preventive paint.

Now for the drivers door the bottom outer skin is rusted thru ​​​

​Old crud removed & the new ready to weld in.

The old rusted section was cut off  & trimmed for a butt weld fit, then the inner rocker was derusted & painted with rust preventive paint .