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​Danny Pascoe

​Another patch made for the right side.

​Its not looking so ugly now just trying to make it look real nice

​Had to hand fab new replacement sections 19 gage  just like the original.

​Also the lower rear quarter needed some work so a new panel was made.

​Passenger side ground & cleaned up.

​Now for the right rear tail section its a disaster.

​With some artistic fab work is looks like it will be a nice replacement section.

​Its cleaning up real nice now

​There was over 200 more pictures of this build showing lots of detail rust out sections not shown here. All projects small to large are well photo documented for the owner & a cd is burnt at the end for their records.

Its all about paying attention to the details whether its a restoration, restomod or custom hope you enjoyed looking at what is done in my shop.

​A repair piece was also made for the left side bumper recess.

​The left side was worse it needed inner section & part of the inner wheel arch made along with the out side

​The back section of the car stuck out of the old short garage & over time in the north west climate took its toll. There was rust out all over but the rear was the worst.

​The owner brought the chassis back after he blasted & painted it.

​Driver side fully welded ground hammered & dolly work & some shrink disc clean up, very little filler will be needed.

1960 Ford Starliner Rust Out Repair ​​

​The quarter patch tacked into place

Passenger side quarter starting to look real clean.

​The new inner panel with factory style stampings

​Tacking in the new replacement sections.

​Now for the bottom corner bumper recess another repair section was made.

​Looks like a good fit & match to the original.

​Out with the old rusted mess

The new inner arch installed the inner panel was derusted & rust preventive painted

​All welded ground & cleaned up looks factory.