​Prepping out for the new floor pans.

​The  lower rear filler panel & repaired left tail light section was also painted with rust preventative paint.

​Its starting to clean up nicely.

​All welds will be but welds no lap stuff here to look factory.

​All four braces will have to be replaced, repos for the rear are ordered & the fronts will have to be custom made nothing available at the present time.

​Next I pulled the seats carpet, a past repair some one screwed down sheet metal & covered with tar paper patches both sides.

​The last time it was licensed was 1992 24 years. It will need some rust repair & good chance several other things to happen so check back on this build.

​Part of the sheet metal removed to make the repair easer.

​Both front floor pans were drilled for plug welding to the front factory lower braces, then those sections & the rear braces were painted with rust preventative paint.

​While waiting for repo panels for the front floors & trunk, I am doing some initial cut out  & start prepping for the replacements sections I have ordered.

​After the floor skin was removed from the front seat brace it is definitely needing a replace.

​Both left & right side trunk floor sections buy the rear panel are in need of some repair.

​Final fitment of the repo trunk floor

​Getting the right floor pan welded in.

​I am starting with the trunk floor first, no special reason just getting started, after cleaning out the rat stuff & and a couple of mice carcass.

​Hammer & dolly work cleaning up the damage.

​This project is currently on hold.

​Tail light area rebuilt & ground clean just some minor touch up work now.

​After a bunch of clean up & de rusting the outer trunk floor panels & inner rear frame rails were painted with rust preventative paint.

​After close inspection I decided to replace just the center section of the trunk floor & a few small patches in other areas then clean up the surface rust. the fuel tank was removed & the center was cut out.

​The inside of the rear tail light panel will need some de rusting.

​Grinding the trunk floor welds.

​At present it is a 6 cylinder, 3 speed stick, bench seat stocker.

​Tack welding the new floor in.

​Over all the sheet metal at present looks pretty decent on the Nova so I wont have to buy lots of repo panels, we will make several small to mid size patches to save as much as possible of the original sheet metal. It has had some repairs over the past & once it is stripped we will know for sure.

​Trunk floor almost fully welded.

​The tail light & trim removed for better acsess.

​All the weld areas and new patches in the trunk were painted with rust preventative paint looks nice& clean now.

​The inside was painted with rust preventative paint

1962 Chevy Nova 2dr 

​The right side floor patch fully welded & ground clean

The seat brace in place then plug welded  in lots of clamps were used to hold in place.​

​All the welds in the trunk are ground clean & smooth.

​Top & bottom weld areas were painted with rust preventative paint

​Up front floor braces being removed so the final trimming can be done for the right floor pan.

​Cleaning up the plug welds

​More welding to the front lower floor braces. 

​Working on final fit  before we start welding in place, after they are both tacked in then we can start making the toe board area patches where it was rusted thru or vey thin.

​The rear is welded also.

​Front floor front seat rear support braces drill for plug welding & painted with rust preventarive paint.

The spare tire tie down plate from the old floor installed the all welds ground clean then painted with rust preventative paint.

​Right rear front seat brace very thin & rusted thru.

​The left tail light area needs some attention & its easiest to do with the trunk floor out.

​Check back and watch the build over time.

​Left rear front seat brace even worse.

​The welds were ground clean & smooth for a factory look.

​Patch panels were made for the rear inner trunk section then the under side was painted with rust preventative paint.

​Left side patch welded in & ground clean.

​Welding in the left floor pan.

​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

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​Danny Pascoe

​trunk floor fuel tank braces pre drilled before plug welding in place.

​Grinding the welds smooth.

​The fuel tank braces plug welded to the trunk floor.

Both  braces for front seat are shot also.​