​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

I had to install a pair of bucket seat mount brackets. then they were primed.​​

​After all the patch work was done it was coated with rust preventative paint.

​Put the new skin on for a quick test it fit like a glove.

​Both pieces were repaired along with some other patch work along the  lip.

​Seams after filing.

The new 1 piece trunk floor in the owner had supplyed a 3 piece  ​& I told him to send them back less $$ & better looking for the final product.​

​Trunk floor welded & ground in the wheel tubs

​A little DP primer to cover up the bare metal, The chassis & running gear were being built & the body would be sitting for awhile  before finish body work & paint.

​It was removed also and derusted.

​That's all for this project thank you for looking. Also the area where this project was done is fully enclosed now adding a nice section to enclosed shop space.

​Patches were made for both sides then welded & ground, it wont even be seen once the new floor is installed.

Before the seam sealer was applied I scuff sanded those areas then after the seam sealer was dry (next day) I then painted those areas & any bare metal sections with DP primer to clean it all up​​, its all in the details to make it last another 50 years plus.

​The owner cut the trunk floor out thinking he was saving a lot of $$   not much this time he did not make things worse.

​New trunk floor to quarter panel drops installed welded & ground, its starting to look real nice & clean.

The roof atachment areas, rear filler panel & quarters were scuffed & re DP primed just for extra protection.

​1967 Chevelle Roof & trunk floor plus a little more

​The original factory seam was lead filled & that is what the owner wanted. 

​The roof & rear filler panel were prep feather sanded where all the bare metal sections were then painted with DP primer

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​Danny Pascoe

​Paint top & underside of all the inner structure with rust preventative paint.

​Out with the cut of wheel get the main part removed, typical under roof skin supports are rusty.

​ The upper was repaired  using good old fashon hammer dolly & shrink disc.

​Back filler panel welded in place.

​First thing is the roof lots of heavy surface rust & pin holes

​Welds ground & cleaned up  just what they  (the wife) wanted she liked the looks of the new gages verses the factory cluster with some add on's.

​The inside of the quarter cleaned up nice also.

​The rear body panel just below the tail lights need some small patch work.

​Out with the de rust wheel & get it cleaned up.

The owner supplied the lower patch it was so so but I made it work, tig welding it on then finished off with hammer dolly & shrink disc.

All the seams were seam sealed to make sure no moisture get in again for 40 plus years.​​

​I had to make a small patch for the drivers side lower section it was thin in sections.

​The right quarter had some damage & the owner thought he would rough pound it out to safe some $$, he over stretched it which just takes more time to fix.

​I still had to remove all of the old spot welded on sections & clean it up.

The roof skin gets welded on.​​

​While I was working on the trunk floor the owner brought by the dash & wanted a flush panel installed for his new gages.

​Typical rot on both tubs.

​The back window to trunk lid filler panel needed replacement.

​The new gage section was fully welded in.

​Panels like this bend up fast on my Baileigh Magnetic Brake.

​Also at the same time painted the rear inner structure & the underside of the filler panel.