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​Next where the prop sticks out its rather eaten away.

​1941 Stearman prop cover at the cowl & prop cone below..

​Years of wear, tear & weather have taken a toll on the prop cover.

​Then a little hammer & dolly work to smooth out.

​Tack welded into place.

​A patch was made for the out side with reference marks to make sure it was in the correct spot.

​The rusted out section was cut out then the new piece was tig welded in place then care fully grinding the welds down.

​The inner seal support needed to be made it was both stretched & shrunk to get the proper shape, then clecoed into place.

​First a repair section was made to replace a rust out section

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​Danny Pascoe 

​The prop cone had a few dents they were worked out on a stake & smoothed using a slap then sanded with 400 grit. ready for polish & chrome plating

​Then fully welded & carefully ground smooth & clean. The owner wanted to rivet the inner support on.