​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​The outer front sheet metal was removed & the endo bumper which the owner is sending out for repair​

​A  repair section was made with the correct flange & 2 of the 3 square mount holes.

​The hood is back on the car.

​Fully welded & ground clean inside & out.

​Back glass has lots of silicone sealer.

​The right is starting to get its original shape back.

​After more hammer dolly & shrink disc work its really starting to look good now.

​Welds in the trunk area ground smooth.

​Now its both front fenders time.

​We don't cut corners in my shop & the rockers were border line so its replace time

​The right tub is now repaired welded & ground clean top & bottom.

​Non factory antenna will be removed.

​The rockers fit nice & clean

​Its tig weld & grind time for the left side.

​Now we have the rear sections to repair.

​Both fenders had damage in the front & the paint was stripped in those areas.

​Both seams were filled with aluma lead, then coated with rust preventative paint.

​The black spots is I believe POR15 the previous owned put on, its very tough to remove.

​As you can see there is a ton of spot welds to drill un do, it all takes time to do, no butcher work done here.

​Both outer rockers will be replaced.

​The left side was tack welded then fully welded & start grinding down the welds.

​The left front fender edge had been pushed back about 3/8 of an inch & creased in with good old hammer dolly & shrink disc work its back in shape now. 

​Every thing is lining up nice.

​The quarters removed & the outer wheel tubs have been first phase trimmed.

​The right is tig tacked & start working the welds.

Now after the repair​, looks factory & wont need contour sculpturing material as before.

The quarters were temporarily  put on for test fitting with all the panels they are being attached to or next to​ for alignment, over all fit is nice for first fitting.

​While waiting for the ordered reproduction panels to get here it is sitting out side with a tarp on it. We are on a tight time schedule for this build as the owner is moving in August  so our part of the build must be done by moving time.

​The lead was melted from the factory joint seam.

​This car is a matching # 3 speed car so we are doing a top quality sheet metal restoration we will be doing full quarter replacements.

​The right side patch cleaned up real nice also.

Panels fitting nice & all the gaps are nice & even.

​Cass learning how to fine tune the sheet metal so we don't give the customer a mud sculpture.

​The left inner wheel tub will need a small patch made.

​I cut out beyond the rusted thin metal.

​Getting close to finishing our part door alignment time.

​The pillar seam is real close for who ever the owner has to do the final body work & paint.

​The right fender wheel arch also had some rust thru which was repaired.

​The left rear patch.

After removing most of the silicone crap sealer, the stainless trim was carefully removed then the glass was cut loose from the old glue in seal.

​The first round of cutting the quarters off.

​The filler panel between the trunk & back glass was removed

​It cleaned up real nice.

​The outer rockers were installed & fit then the doors reinstalled for gap check

​The right tub also needs some repairs.

​Then the arch was also painted.

​The new replacement panel was pre drilled for welds then the back side was painted with rust prevenatative paint clamped in place & welded after wards welds ground clean

Right ​pillar seam ground clean.

​Clamped in place then fully tig welded & ground clean inside & out 

​The left front fender has some rust thru issues I will repair that with a new piece.

​Both sides after a little more de rusting were coated with rust preventative paint.​

​Nice clean & factory looking.

​I used the right side for a guide where the 3rd square hole went so the fender will bolt on as originally.

​Both outer skin section & inner brace sections will be replace with repo parts.

​Looks factory clean.

​Final clean up of the right front looks real nice.

​Lot of welding going on now.

​Now for the left inner wheel tub.

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​Danny Pascoe

​The new inner brace section installed.

​Both outer wheel tub sections are trimmed to fit.

​Lots of grinding of welds & clean up

We are done with our part of the build, the owner wanted it between the first & middle of August done mid August on time & budget wise Half way between my original estimate range.

​2 small repair sections & square mount holes.

​The new section about half welded in.

​We also will be doing partiarl outer wheel tub replacements.

​The new multi angle piece is formed to shape.

​The right outer tub was repair section was fully welded then ground clean.

​Remember this was before & after 3/4 of an inch of sculpture material then re damaged. 

​It's tig weld up time for the right & Cass fitting the left.

​Both inner rockers need some minor repair then derusted & coated with rust preventative paint

​The heavy rust cleaned off.

​The very Swiss cheese old piece

​Then the old roof skin was trimmed back.

​Left pillar ground clean.

​Door gaps are nice & consistent.

​Outer section trimmed & fit.

​The first patch was made & the rusted section removed.

​Its now time to do all the tedious spot weld drilling hundreds of them to remove all the old panels at the factory spots. This car is pretty much all original not a bunch of patch work all over.

A crease being worked out & 7 holes from previous work being filled​, then some more hammer dolly & shrink disc work, its starting to look real good .

​A new repair patch being made.

​The right fender has some healthy damage to repair

​This car will need both quarters, outer wheel tubs sectioned in, both rocker sills & both front fenders patched at the lower rear plus some additional dent & rust out repair.

​The rust mites were here.

​After market fenders fit mediocre at best so we will be repairing the originals. The right one was worked on by a mud god at one time then crunched later in life.

​Both inner tubs plus the insides of both front fenders bare metal areas were painted with rust preventative paint till the final body & paint work is done.

​After plug welding the rockers on all the welds were ground smooth.

​More rust preventative painting.

​All the plug weld hole are drilled its time to do the final install of the right quarter.

​Its hammer & dolly time for the right side.

​The wheel well, door jam & roof getting welded up.

​After a some more hammer dolly & shrink disc work the right front is looking real nice.

​The inner support section had some rust issues that needed to be attended to.

​A small patch had to be made for the right inner tub.

Now to weld up the left side lots of plug welding.

​A tricky shape to make but we have the technology.

​Right front fender will need a bunch of help.

​The left side will need the same repair.

​The front inner brace was straightened then reinstalled

​Doors reinstalled with new hinges.

​This is the factory metal after I reworked it next to nothing in filler will be needed

​The wheel arch will need a patch made & the rust mites got to the lower rear section.

Getting the outer wheel tubs ready for trimming.

​Both sides of the panel were made then welded in & ground clean.

​This is the last of the 68 GTO project the front lower valance had several dings dents & mud works. It was hammered & dollied then painted with rust preventative paint.

​Checking the  left quarter fit for the last time, it will be removed & drilled for the plug welds

​After a some rough out pounding on the table both fenders were mounted on my jig fixture.

​With the quarters back of a small patch need to be made for the right trunk floor drop.

The rest of the old roof skin was trimmed away.

​1968 GTO

​The repair section ground clean

​Factory gaps

​The tub is fully welded patch work done & ground clean.

​The left rear inner brace is welded in.

​Both front inner wheel houses will need some repair