​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Now for the rear left rear lower section.

​The upper part of the panel will nee a bunch of hammer, dolly & shrink disc work plus a small patch.

​The aftermarket panels fit mediocre at best then with a bunch of rework it looks great now. Of course it did not help that the owner made a mess to start with.

​The new inner lip section was made welded in place the ground clean, then the panel was checked for final fit, it looks real nice.

​With the filler panels fully welded then ground smooth that was the last of this project. The owner is quite happy now with his repaired T body now he can finish his chassis & put the car together its a stocker no rod here.

​The messed up repair section removed.

​Fitting good.

​The upper section of the panel needed some hammer, dolly & shrink disc work then cleaned up well. 

​The rear fold over lip was done just like the let side.

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​Danny Pascoe

​An extension had to be made for the repair section.

The new repair section is looking nice.

​The owner attempted to do his own repairs, then realized it wasn't as easy as he though. Now we will clean up the mess.

​Just a little more finishing to do.

​Its time to weld the reworked repair section to the main body. A lot of little detail work need to be done to get it this far then the welds were ground smooth hammered & dollied straight.

The right rear upper body section now gets some hammer, dolly & shrink disc work, plus a new upper flange section made.

​Tig welding in the reworked repair section now its starting to look real nice, notice the front lip had to be reworked also.

​The rear body inner panel needed some filler work on the ends.

​Cut thru the owners weld attempt a real mess.

​The left rear panel is a mess also

​A tape trim line getting ready for the new after market panel.

​A repair section was made for the lower right cowl, fully tig welded in then ground smooth, now the whole side is starting to take shape looking real good.

​Fitting the repair section to the left rear body section.

​The left & right side both needed small patches where the body stress cracked.

​Fully welded looking real nice.

​The inner structure is painted with rust preventative paint.

​The door fits nice again.

​The rust mites have gotten to the left front cowl.

​The back filler panel was forced in.

​1926 Model T turtle Deck Roadster Body Rebuild.

​The owners  repair  attempt its ugly.

​Just like the left side this panel will need some trimming fitting & additional inner lip sections fabbed.

​Rust mites have gotten to the support pillar.

​After making a new repair section the old was cut out & the new checked for fit.

​After some tig welding, and grinding its starting to look nice & clean just like it should.

​Welds ground smooth & clean.

​Another filler piece was made to fill the gap.

​First was the left cowl it was marked, cut out, de rusted then painted with rust preventative paint, then the new patch was clecoed into place.

​Now the inner lip was made & tacked into place.

​The front edge needed a small rolled edge section added.

​The filler sections are taking shape.

​A little gaposus here.

​The right rear panel is a real mess​

​The new extension almost fully tig welded.

​A small patch will be made for the lip.

​After both front, rocker sill & rear patch sections were removed it was derusted & painted with rust preventative paint.

​Now its our turn to do some repairs.

​Now its time for the right side, another owner repair attempt

​The new repair section fits like it was supposed to, then fully tig weld in.