​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Floor section weld in looking thru where quarter section was removed.

The welds were ground down but not finished to keep it in the owners current budget. ​That's it for now the owner plans to bring the 55 back when they have more funds to finish of this part & continue on with more work. its ready for another 100k miles. It was painted with rust preventative paint on all of the new bare metal.

​The front fender lower bolt broke off so a new cage nut was installed  with fender still on the car.

Both left & right rear floor braces needed repair & the left side needs more work then the right.

​Final fit check for the rocker & weld in place.

​Rocker sill getting welded in.

​Quarter patch pained with rust preventative paint.

​The rotten section was removed then the new patch was trimmed to size then welded in & welds ground smooth

​1955 Chevrolet 2 DR general rust repair.

​Inside the floor area under the rear seat.

​Tack welded in place.

​The after market panel tack welded then fully welded in.

​While wating for repo parts it was time to remove the right side brace. it is not as bad as the left side

​Working out the fitment issues with the aftermarket piece

​The inside rocker sill patch & the floor patch welds ground

​After removing the rear brace outer section it realy opens up the rust issues

​The left side quarter under lower 12 inches is a bondo rust thru sculpture.

​More repair work needed to the underside.

​A patch was made for the rear floor rot thru.

​The rear left floor pan  will be replaced.

​The door gap is pretty close  some adjustments will be made later.

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​Danny Pascoe

​Left side body support being installed.

​The patch will go in here.

​The rear floor brace sections were painted with rust preventative paint

​The left lower front quarter section will be replaced & this is what was cut out.

​Floor to inner structure section was made.

The old rusted section trimmed out.

​A repair section was made for the inner rocker.

​Right floor brace installed.

​The in shop made inner rocker sill is fully welded in now & painted with rust preventative paint

​Not looking so good behind the left quarter a repair section will be made.

​Final fit of the quarter patch

​The rear sub frame was derusted then painted with rust preventative paint.

​Inside of the quarter painted with rust preventative paint.

​The front seat will have new mount brackets made

​The wheel tub also needed a small patch.

​The quarter panel fully welded after this.

​Just a little more finish grinding to the welds.

​All the welds ground smooth & clean both top & underside for a clean finish.

​The owner has had this car since 1984 its his daily driver & has  lots of miles on it

​The front seat mounts were relocated & the old flimsy mount removed the rear is now bolted to the floor & the seat sits  in the same location & height as when it came in.

​Rear floor patch welded & ground from the top side.