​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

Primed with several coats of epoxy primer.

​The floor pan areas are ground clean.

​On the right side more trimming of old damage.

​The right side has some major rust out & sculpture material issues.

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​Danny Pascoe

​After some trimming this is what we will need for the left floor & wheel tub section.

​The back side its getting real close.

​The rust mites were definitely here.

​The right side has a bunch of rust out in the outer skin & skirt lip area.

​Fully welded & ground clean very little filler will be needed.

​This is just a nice float down the road ride but has some rust issues the owner wants to take care of.

​All the sculpture material is ground away now.

​This is not a major repair  but the owner wanted a nice car so we will do our best to give him a quality job.

​Fit is real nice now.

​The left side rocker needed a new end cap it was made in 10 gage steel.

​The left rear door pillar & floor needs some rust out repair

​Now for the dog leg the limo unit will need some major rework to be correct.

​Both inner sections were painted with rust preventative paint.

​Tacking in the replacement floor section.

​Some hammer & dolly work where the filler was before

​We will have to  fab a new dog leg section.

​Some more fine tune trimming .

​Checking for fit on the right quarter

​The rust thru will be welded up.

​We let it sit over night then unmasked it reinstalled the right rear side marker & was ready for customer pickup. Later on he plans to get a complete repaint.

​We have trimmed the limousine replacement panel to a usable piece.

​Just a little more hammer & dolly work

​72 Caddy left rear door pillar & floor repair & right quarter rust repair

​De rusting & minor repair to the inner drop section.

​The right side dog leg needed a repair also.

​Back on the left side the inner dog leg needed a repair section fabbed up then it was painted with rust preventative paint.

​Removing the right side panel stuff not needed.

​Starting the rust removal.

​The lower pillar and around the rear side marker will need some attention also.

​The floor pan is almost fully welded.

​I am tig welding the panel on to help keep the distortion down.

​After a bunch of slicing & cutting most of the old rusted area is removed. Now for the final trimming & fitting  of the replacement section.

​After some major rework & several patch sections were made it was fully welded.

​The owner supplied a pair of rear quarter sections for both sides off of a limo & had them dipped they are similar but will need some reworking.

​The inner section will also need a patch so it was made first then welded in, then the outer was made welded in place & ground clean.

​Sculpture material pushing 5/8 inch thick plus.

​Into the paint booth for epoxy primer.