​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​65 Tbird floor pan filler

This is a must have tool if you are doing sheet metal fab work of any kind it handles 16 gage steel with ease, comes with both shrink & stretch jaws about 60 seconds to change foot operated no attempting to do it by hand & has a 6 in depth throat. This is a real work horse tool I use it  boat loads in my shop please feel free to call for current pricing.

​More will be added here as new parts are shaped using the Baileigh MSS-16F shrinker stretcher  so check back.

​The Baileigh MSS-16F Shrinker  Stretcher

​68 Coronet wheel arch.

​65 Tbird seat pan extension.

​Below are some of the pieces I have had to make for customer projects & where the part might go.

​68 Coronet back window channel

​One thing to think about buy your equipment from some one who uses it not just sells it. I do my very best to offer my skills of using the equipment I sell to my customers.

Hope you consider me on your next Baileigh equipment buy.

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