​Quality custom & restoration sheet metal work & repair

​Right side had the same fat gaposus .

​Tig welding the panel on with a copper backed round backer bar.

​Not so loose goose any more.

​Both cab corners will need a clean up  typical stamping ugleys. 

Now that I know the front sheet metal will align I welded up the cowl sides to the fire wall.

As you can see the back of the cab is a mess with many years of use & abuse plust more blasting warpage it needs a bunch of work.

Checking for fit pretty close.

​The back of the cab looking nice after more hammer dolly & shrink disc work.

​1948 Ford F1 Restomod build.

After a considerable amount of hammer dollie & shrink disc work the top is starting to look real nice but not quite done yet.

​Door jam seam welded & ground down.

Excess panel adhesive cleaned off.

​Cecoing on the panel for fit & cut line marking.

​Weld added to tighten & even the gap.

​Inside surface rust.

I had to lengthen 3 of my long reach vise grips 4 inches so the would reach to the middle of the brace & the temporary outer clamp bar. No maring in the panel center now.

​Every where you look dents dings & scars.

Typical both cab corners rusted thru

More areas needing attention & if ​is trimmed it will need some welding to close up the splitting of the edge then grind it clean.

The doors sorta fit, I wanted to see how the after market parts, the nos doors & original upper back section would fit together.

​I had to weld in some spacer material to even up the gap above the hinge on the pillar panel then ground it clean for a nice line flow.

More weld grind reweld & grind  on the back door edge,to end up with a nice even gap.

​Cleaned up inside & out.

​Final trim & fit.

​Getting close but still needs some more work.

​The original 48 dash will come out.

As usual after market panels are a tweak & fit these are 3/8 of an inch long no biggie a little slice & dice to make fit.

​I made this dolly for hammering the weld seam

​First test fit it will need some adjustments to get every thing fitting & aligned properly. As usual after market parts fit sorta ok at best that will be fixed.

The gas filler is being filled & the owner had a cab corner section to cut the patch from which made the repair a little easer it needs just a little more clean up.

The window frame was pushing on the pillar so it needs some attention grind & weld for a 3/16 th inch gap.

​Welded & ground clean.

Welded & ground clean.

​Looking rather sparse.

​Warpage was still done to a point no mater how careful they are big nozzles and lots of preasure will do it every time & blasters are always in a hurry. 

Typical rust on the inside of the rear support rib.

​I made some tooling for my press so I could put a slight bend forward on the hinges.

I will be installing a custom modified 50 dash I forgot to take a picture before I started stripping it down.

​Cut lines marked.

First major test fit of the front to the rebuilt welded cab. Over all its not bad but needs adjustments. The doors will need a lot of gap adjustments as they have never been mounted they are  NOS.

With clamps & a couple of screws holding it together its loose goosey.

​And in with the new

Over the next year it will take shape to be a nice clean driver with a few suttle custom touches.

After a couple of rounds of grind & weld the pillar gap looks real nice it just takes time & paintence.

​Additional clean up is defiantly needed.

Now is front sheet metal time more shoving , pushing and adjusting.

​Needs just a little more trimming & adjustment.

The right side upper cab corner needs more then the left plus this side the cab top did not align wright with the cab side it will take more work to straight out.

Hy tec panel adhesive was applied to the panel & the rear support panel instead of welding to keep the warpage down  so the rear panel will retain the slight factory arch from side to side.

​Fire wall full of holes & rusty.

There was so many dents dings & stretch marks in the rear panel the owner & I decide it was better to make a new piece. A pattern was made & a piece of 19 gage was cut. Notice the arched cut to match the factory belt line its not a lot but nessasary.

Both cab corners need some hammer dillie & shrink disc work.

Out with the old chassis which is for sale minus the wheels & 9 inch center section.

The left rear cab corner need replacement also and as usual the replacemt panel need some tweaking to fit correctly.

​Both sides at the accent line had typical stress cracks a little welding.

Its starting to look nice  even all around just a little more touch up in a couple of places.

All the front and back garbage cleared out of the way on the 50 dash.

460 motor & C6 trans with an Chrysler Omni front clip installed years ago.

The Ford 460 & C6 transmission are out for a total freshion up.

Typical old cab back has a lot of damage & needs more derusting.

​Cleaned top & bottom.

The larger sections removed now carefully removing the skin from the back support rib.

The upper seam & half way down the sides are fully tig welded then ground clean outside & the inside.

​I made up a die to match the upper cab belt line.

The roofs back crown was caved in almost 1/2 in across the back plus a lot of dents & warpage from the sand blast.

Lots of hammer & dollie time to bring the damage back to shape no mud sculpture here.

​The cowl lip above the fire wall was missing a piece a patch was made , welded in and ground clean.

Typical cab rusty floors , cab corners & cowl sides 

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​Danny Pascoe

After the hinge tweak now the gaps are more uniform so its weld & grind time gap straightness now.

​Door gaps are fat on the front & thin on the rear & no hinge adjustmet that way.

Front & rear gaps are even now with a gage.

​After some minor surgery the cab was cut in half.

After 3 passes thru myBaileigh MH19 it fits real nice.  

​The customer bought new rear adjustable cab mounts I had to remove the nuts as they wont work on the fully boxed TCI chassis.

Quite a bit of grind weld & regrind to even up the pillar gap.

​The owner called a mobile sand blast company to come in.

You can see the slight arches in the lower flange & the upper belt line

Its starting to look consistent now just time consumine.

Lots of welding going on.

​More trimming on the 50 dash & cab for a great fitment.

​Using my stripping derusting tools I finish cleaning up the surface with no additional warpage.

Lots of banging thumping & shrink disc work here.

The front floor pan mounts were a little wide so I trimmed them to factory length & contour.

​De rusted the painted with rust preventative paint.

Then they ground clean for a solid repair.

​I also had to bend the lower floor pan weld strip first phase.

​The floor ,cowl sides, firewall & lower rear cab corners will be replaced with new repo parts.

Add some filler material then grind it clean for a nice line flow.

The left upper cab corner need some clean up so with a little slicing,reshaping welding then ground clean it looks a lot better.

​Also added a couple of strength beads.

Now the after market fire wall will fit & the after market cowl sides.

The 48 dash was carefully removed

This is TCI's newest complete chassis for the 48 thru 53 F1 PU its real nice & well built, the owner will come over & do the first assembly so he has at least contributed other then his check book. 

This 48 F1 came in in as a disassembled pile of parts the owner just doesn't have time him self so he called & said I need my F1 built as you can see its dissasembled but most of the sheet metal is nice as he has gathered lots of NOS & new repo replacements.

​Cross bracing installed in the cab.

​The new floor pan also needed a little line straightning.

​Time to replace the right rear lower cab corner.

I also had marked where the rear support rib went so the center could be painted with rust preventative paint.

​The third phase was to hand turn & planish smooth the flange down so it will be able to weld to the new repo floor pan. Then trimmed to width.

The front coil over & rear 4 link parts for the chassis.

The hood underside latch panel was removed &  will need more clean up.

The door top gap is matching now just deceving in picture with the drip rail shawdo.

For the second phase.​The lower floor pan flange need to be arched to match the floor pan along with the upper belt line. I used my shrinker & stretcher  to get them formed to the correct contour.