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​If you buy from me I give a  2 1/2 hr instruction on usage in my shop in Maple Valley Washington. One thing to think about when buying a piece of equipment buy from someone that uses it. ​not someone that just sells it. I use my Baileigh equipment daily in my automotive restoration & custom sheet metal fabrication shop. Please feel free to call me to discuss this or any of the Baileigh Industrial Equipment I have available.

Shop phone 425 433 0294

​Danny Pascoe

​Optional dies yes there is a wide selection at present 28 optional sets including round beads, square beads, joggle, step, tipping die, flat, rubber die, wire edge & wire closing dies plus more to come.  Below is my complete set of all the optional dies that Baileigh makes at the present time  by far the widest selection on the market.  It is by far the , most versatile & finest bead roller on the market today.

​Baileigh BR-16E-36 Bead Roller.

​This is by far the best & most versatile bead roller on the market it has a throat depth of 36 inches & a throat height of 12 inches. It will handle up to 16 gage steel & 14 gage aluminum, it runs off of 110 power and has an inverter with a variable speed foot control with forward & reverse motion. The lower bead is adjustable in & out so you are able to mix & match a wide variety of dies. The upper die has a pressure adjustment with a quick release so you are able to start & stop in the middle of a panel with the same pressure when needed. It comes with a set of 1/4 inch bead dies.   Pleas feel free to call for current pricing with freight and any local sales tax, delivered to your commercial address with a fork lift, or the nearest freight dock in the continental USA & if you live in the Seattle Washington area you can pick it up at my shop yes home shop delivery is avaliable.

​The machine in these pictures is my personal & shop demo machine below is the die rack I made for my shop machine it is an option that I build it will hold up to 52 pairs of dies. ​It bolts on to the factory bolt locations. ​